Frozen business idea

Frogged: to keep customers in subscription models

Frozen It is postulated as a tool that helps subscription companies with customer service, among other things. It is a Malaga company that aims to be a platform for customer success with a B2B approach.

“The innovation we offer is based on the way we understand customer success and support and how we approach their management. For us the customer success it is the proactive “umbrella” that also includes the reactive part of the support. We believe that the customer must have visibility into the activities of their users and customers, but at the same time that visibility must be “actionable,” meaning it enables communication and action with them,” he explained. Emily G CebrianCEO and co-founder, along with Juan Jose Rojano Y Angel Romero by Froged in an interview with Entrepreneurs.

Connectif: automated marketing

Connectif wants to help e-commerce sell more and better. The tool won the Product Hackers 2019 Award for the best Ecom Tech technology project for eCommerce due to its versatility and easy integration with the most popular eCommerce platforms like Shoptify, Prestashop or Magento. Within eCommerce Growth, they offer services with an omnichannel view of the customer, as well as advanced segmentation based on behavior and Buyer Personality.

Forest Chainm the traceability of the timber industry

forest chain is a blockchain-based digital platform for the timber industry. It is about ensuring compliance with existing legal requirements. Since the amendment of the US Lacey Act and the introduction of the EU Timber Regulation, the timber trade has been subject to strict regulations. In addition, each country of origin also has its own forest laws that must be observed. To ensure everyone’s compliance, Forest Chain is born, where they additionally offer a digital passport for wood products to increase the credibility of the supplier and keep the customer informed of the entire process from origin to impact on the planet.

Crown: Gamer Tournaments

Crown is a platform that helps automate tournaments in the gaming and eSports industry. The solution allows us to analyze game users’ data to provide them with a platform of visibility and give them access to opportunities in the eSports job market. It also solves problems in amateur tournaments, offers results automation and makes the competitive environment much fairer for players.

“Thanks to our innovative technology, it’s possible to automatically create tournaments, measure results in real time without having to take screenshots, and detect cheats and smurf accounts,” they claim. The startup represented Spain in the last Grand Final of the Startup World Cup, held in Silicon Valley.

Linc: Building Energy Management

As stated on the website of line, energy consumption doubles every five years. “Buildings now contribute to a third of all CO2 emissions”, reducing both of these problems is Linc’s goal, which has committed to reducing the two problems by up to 30%. To streamline building management, they have developed cloud-connected hardware that enables real-time monitoring and control of all energy, water, and HVAC systems.

Meyotech: Emotional well-being

Meyotech is an application that helps people gain and control their mental health by improving their self-esteem and confidence and fighting anxiety. They do this by providing users with audiovisual content and guiding them through hands-on exercises to incorporate healthy and positive habits. The content was designed by experts from different fields, from psychology to sexuality, nutrition or sleep. Likewise, they offer digital tools and therapies for companies interested in monitoring the emotional and mental health of their teams.

Nymiz: data anonymization

Any company that handles customer data and wants to avoid possible penalties for poorly protecting it can find an ally in the solution Nymiz whose purpose is to guarantee their anonymization and ensure compliance with RGPD regulations. They are postulated as the final solution to ensure compliance with GDPR regulations. Nymiz develops a platform with software for anonymization and pseudonymization of personal data, which allows companies and public administrations to protect the privacy of their customers’ personal data by using different technologies with a learning base based on rules and dictionaries together with artificial intelligence Algorithms are integrated learning and natural language processing (NLP).

Planet Dataset: price management

In planet record You have intelligent price management software for e-commerce that uses artificial intelligence. In this way, they help the retail world to carry out automated and efficient management of their pricing policy, promotions, stock levels, etc. They manage all data related to the revenue management to optimize the pricing strategy.

Subscription: shared cost

Subscribe to is an application that, in addition to managing shared expenses, helps you find others to share them with. They’re capitalizing on the explosion of subscription businesses, like audiovisual content or rental platforms, at Subscription and claim they can help save up to 80% on subscriptions.

TencourageUp: The best talent and what they should ask for

talentup was founded with the aim of helping companies attract and retain talent while providing market data around the world, i.e. HR departments. Talent Up’s competitive salary benchmarking helps companies grow by providing insights to make key strategic decisions when creating hiring plans to retain and attract talent locally or globally.

These 10 national startups have been selected to be part of the last edition of the San Francisco Challenge Program a Silicon Valley-taught telematics immersion program that brings together investors and experts in strategy, venture capital, business model, sales, strategic alliances, legal, and marketing, providing the tools used by Silicon Valley startups to grow exponentially and to scale globally. It is an initiative that organizes -arranged by the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation- in cooperation with ICEX.

The Desafía Immersion Program is a help without social capital only for Spanish startups. To be considered, companies must be incorporated in Spain, have a scalable business model and have revenue and funding traction.

Successful startups such as Byhours, Streamloots, Hopu, Blueliv or Pay Thunder have already gone through the program.

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