10 innovative business ideas that are successful because of their simplicity

Music Fingers: Make music with your fingers

Music Fingers is a new wearable device that, coupled with a fun mobile application, allows anyone who feels music to create and play their favorite songs using just their fingers. “Some instruments are heavy and expensive, think a battery, so we came up with a very simple idea: play music with just your fingers,” summarizes the Music Fingers seed on this team

Music Fingers is a Madrid-based technology company that creates wearable devices that let you create and feel music with your fingers. “With this new device, you can play music whenever you want, on the go, wherever you are, even while you’re dancing. It works on any of your fingers. Its design is adaptable to any age and hand size. It’s wireless and extremely lightweight, so it offers total freedom of movement,” they describe the solution, which is suitable for both professional and amateur musicians interested in making “music from their heart, their soul, and just with the gentle touch of their fingertips.” close”. .

The main difficulty in developing the solution was making the latency (time that elapses from activating a Music Finger until it sounds in the app) fast enough for the user to feel the music on their fingers. A challenge they answered “because we have the best electronics and software engineers”. The team consists of four people who together have paid out the sum of 100,000 euros so far, a sum intended for the development of the hardware, the native mobile applications and the implementation of the first market validations.

Before launching the product, the four members of the Music Finger team decided to test the idea commercially. However, validation is achieved through a rewards crowdfunding campaign launched in Kickstarte platform with which they hope to reach the sum of 25,000 euros before taking over the manufacturing, logistics and distribution processes of the product.

When the product is in the market, the opportunity for monetization is on the one hand to sell the devices directly and on the other hand to offer paid content through the app so that users can play and create their own version of their favorite themes.

Geeksme: a smart mattress

The idea is from geekme , a Spanish company that became famous with a wearable that measures, among other things, sexual performance. Now, besides wearables, they are also developing IoT technology to improve people’s quality and lifestyle. In this line they have developed for the mattress company picoline, number 2 in its sector across Europe, a smart mattress. Through a series of sensors built into the mattress, they can measure various variables from which sleep quality is inferred. The product is accompanied by an application that acts as a coach, advising the customer on a series of practices that will improve their rest time. “Nobody had measured how well you sleep on a mattress before,” he said Angel Sanchez DiazCo-founder of Geeksme- With this project, which already has more than 100,000 mattresses on the market with this technology in different countries, we have managed to collect millions of hours of sleep and data that allows Pikolin to know, for example, how a woman sleeps in Valencia in summer.

More smiles: another center for the elderly

biggest smile is a service center for the elderly in the Actur district of Zaragoza. The center specializes in treating people with dementia. But that’s not the distinguishing feature that sets them apart from the competition, but “our character, our smile,” they say.

At Mayores Sonrisas, the work is interdisciplinary. First of all, the user is evaluated by different professionals, to later determine in a team decision the most suitable activity plan for each person. Periodically, they monitor their progress and the plan is reviewed.

Hangry: Mobile shops in VTCs and taxis

hanging is a startup that aims to turn VTC vehicles and taxis into mobile businesses. Created by Wassim Cress Y Moritz Karamthe company was born as an academic project.

“The experience in a vehicle changes a lot when we stop being drivers to become passengers. We want the time we spend in the car to be comfortable, fun and productive. Hangry offers products such as chewing gum or mobile phone chargers so that we have them available during the trip,” explains Berro, the company’s CEO.

Passengers scan the QR code with their phone’s camera or access Hangry (no app required to download), browse the menu and shop with cash, credit card or a mobile payment option. Once payment is made, the driver will receive a notification on their phone and will deliver the items to the passenger. For brands, VTC vehicles and taxis will become a new showcase and distribution point. Companies like Kellogg’s, Red Bull and L’Oreal are already using the solution to publicize new products.

Saigu Cosmetics: a lipstick for eco-feminists

The natural, sustainable and local make-up brand Saigu cosmetics took advantage of the recent Women’s Day celebration to launch a purple vegan lipstick as a symbol of the fight for the environment and for women’s rights. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this lipstick will be donated to two eco-feminist associations to fund a reforestation project. Since its inception just over a year ago, Saigu Cosmetics has been committed to the fight for sustainability and women’s empowerment. In this campaign, the startup has aligned itself with ecofeminism but claims to go further as it also advocates “a world without dominance by race, social class, gender, sexual orientation, or species.”

Contrary to what some might think, Saigu Cosmetics was founded by two men, two childhood friends, Gerhard Pratt (Chemist and environmental expert) and David Hart (Digital Marketing Expert). According to their website, the idea is for Saigu Cosmetics to “capture all the values ​​they look for in the products they consume: transparency, ethics or local ingredients”.

Pacific and Co: more than just designer socks

The basis for the production of the socks is the Coolmax fiber, but the founders of Pacific and Co.a brand of designer socks founded in 2013 by the Barcelona women Lydia afraid Y Aixa Sanuy. What most of us see as a soda-esque garment, in socks they appreciate the same possibilities offered by a canvas on which to print colorful, nature-inspired images and other avant-garde illustrations. The socks are made entirely in Spain but can also be purchased in select stores in Japan, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Chile, Italy and Belgium, as well as online around the world.

ModHouse’s modular architecture

Maria Victoria García, Founder of the company ModHouse, decided to take the modular home building experience to a new level. “Innovation does not arise in the construction system, but in its implementation and use,” says the entrepreneur. The ModHouse process begins with pre-configuration of home plans based on client needs and budgets. Based on this, the customer can choose between more than 20 modules, which he can combine as he likes. Once this phase is complete, a virtual reality tour of the interior of the house will be offered, allowing you to enter before construction begins. Another advantage of this company is that in many cases it achieves greater energy efficiency than traditional constructions, since it builds with effective materials in the field of insulation, both acoustic and thermal, with different skins, both on the external facade and on the roof – and PVC windows with low-emission glass and hermetic closure.

Reemi: so you don’t forget anything

Reemi A company dedicated to the development of electronic devices for consumption is introduced. However, as a first launch, they have opted for a product that will allow us to save the fifteen minutes a day we waste looking for those small items that we leave behind somewhere. Take for example the keys, the mobile phone or the wallet. That’s exactly what happened before Alberto del Viejo Sanchez, founder of Reemi, a small device that easily attaches to personal belongings and notifies you when you leave them behind. Reemi connects to the mobile device via an app “which has such a simple interface that even a small child could use it”.