1. “The best commercial manager is always the entrepreneur”

“No one will convey passion for your product to a customer better than you. On a couple of contracted commercials, he saw me sell without actually turning on the laptop to do a demonstration. And I’m not selling Superman, just the creature’s father. So spend a high percentage of your time selling your project or product.”

(Lucas Rodríguez Cervera, entrepreneur).

2. “You are the image of your company, you are your brand”

“Try never to forget it, because now you have other responsibilities: your brand is with you in every social event you attend, in every email you send and in every conversation you have tied together. With customers, employees, suppliers etc.

(Fernando Vilches Guijarro, founder of Viajeconnosotros.com).

3. “Communication, as soon as possible and only when you need it”

“If you have to do communication tasks yourself, you lose valuable time. Also, it’s safest not to know how to reach the media. If I had communicated two years earlier, I would now be a year and a half ahead in the market. As soon as you make a little noise, it shows up. And you don’t have to look for a big agency. Oh, and you only have to contract the service when you need it, you don’t have to sign up for annual contracts.”

(Antonio Pedrosa, entrepreneur).

4. “If visits to your ads go down, you can be sure your sales will go down”

“It has been proven: if the level of sales outlets falls in a month, you know that you will not achieve the sales targets you have set yourself in the following months. And you know it well in advance to be able to catch up on time. It’s commonplace in many industries: If you don’t get that many calls in a day, you won’t reach your planned goals.”

(Pablo Sanagustín, founder of Arelux).

5. “Even if your product has a huge market potential, go into a niche first”

“In the beginning, focus all your communication efforts on this segment. It is more efficient to shoot with a sniper rifle than with a machine gun. When you’ve acquired customers in that niche, you’ve generated knowledge about your product that makes it easier for you to reach out to others and gives you credibility to get more resources.”

(Lucas Rodríguez Cervera, entrepreneur).

6. “Release your product soon to get feedback”

“Don’t wait until the product is 100% ready to try it. Start getting feedback as early as possible. It is better to develop your product interactively, collect opinions and regularly test its marketability than waiting for the perfect product to come out.”

(Angel María Herrera, founder of Grupo Evoluziona).

7. “You can get closer to your customers with a minimal investment”

“Focus on driving word of mouth for your product or service. You’ve heard it a thousand times, but it’s true. And if it’s through opinion leaders, better. Become one of them in your market. Slice your brain for guerrilla marketing. For example, you can spread your message through social networks.”

(Lucas Rodríguez Cervera, entrepreneur.

8. “It’s enough for you to have information for 50% of your customers. You don’t need 100%”

“It’s important to set up systems so that the information you have about your customers, products and activities is easy to see without having to do macro studies every month. It doesn’t have to be complete. Sometimes at 50% every month
It’s enough. And when you cross that with the financial data, it’s better than better.”

(Roman Francesch, founder of eControls).

9. “One in 20 projects comes out…so you have hundreds to present”

“You can’t put everything on one card. If a project fails for reasons unrelated to your job, you must have others on the waiting list. The illusions, false dreams and mirages are constant, you have to anticipate and not give up. The sooner you know that 1 in 20 projects will come out, the better.”

(Álvaro Cuadrado Jiménez, founder of Producciones 28 Norte).

10. “Work for free, it will help you find a market”

“It’s not easy to open a gap, everyone knows that. In order to make ourselves known, we first gave away our service (advertising) to a company in a certain sector in order to reach others in the same market”.

(Naiara Mandalúniz, Managing Partner of Mai Publicidad).


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