14 Free Digital Transformation Courses

Given the initial situation in Spain and the closure of the activity of many entrepreneurs and freelancers, the Business School IEBS Business School has developed a series of free online digital transformation lectures for SMEs.

The goal of these webinars is twofold. On the one hand it is about inspiring the participants to take initiatives aimed at the digital transformation of their company and on the other hand offering them very practical actions to implement in their companies once each session ends.

More than 5,000 freelancers and small business owners have already signed up for these talks, which started on April 6th and tune in each day at 5:00 p.m. to see a new session, presented by a different expert each day.

for the next few days

As for the schedule of sessions scheduled for the next few days, starting at 17:99, there are:

1.-Create an express store with WordPress and Woocommerce: Expected for the next April 27th responsible for aIna Lluna Taylorr, SEO consultant. WordPress and Woocommerce are two perfect tools for SMBs and small businesses that need a quick and easy solution to sell online. In this talk, Aina-Lluna will give a guide on how to create a shop in a very short time and with very few resources.

2.-How to create effective video marketing content for salesfor him April 28thresponsible Pepe Romera, video marketing coach. Videos are one of the best conversion tools on sale, and technically, they’re very easy to make. In this talk, Pepe Romera will give you a guide and tips on how to be really good at selling more and better.

3.-List of secrets to sell on Amazonthe April, 30th with alba Castellet, co-founder and marketing and communications director at Década Studio. Marketplaces have become an important sales channel. In this talk, Alba Castellet explains in a simple way some keys to selling on the largest marketplace: Amazon.

4.-How to create an online store with Shopify. That May 4thWith Gabriel Seijo, Managing Director at Webmefy. Shopify is one of the preferred ecommerce platforms for freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to leverage this sales channel due to its simplicity. In this talk, Gabriel will share a few steps to get our business ready for sale in less than an hour.

5.-Secrets to Sell on Twitter. planned for the 5th of May responsible for Ivan Gimenets, social media specialist. Twitter is one of the social networks with the most registered users. In this talk, Iván will give us a guide on the necessary steps to use this social network for sales.

6. Pay per click secrets to sell more. That May 6thWith Anthony Lopez, Country Manager Spain at SEMrush. If you’ve just created your own e-commerce as a new sales channel, promoting your website is key to getting those first sales. In this lecture you will learn keys and very practical measures of Pay Per Click Advertising, also known by its acronym PPC.

7.- Enter SEO to sell more with your ecommerce. That May 7th, responsible for Emil Michael, SEO and eCommerce consultant. If you have just created your own e-commerce as a new sales channel, generating good content is essential to position it effectively in search engines. In this talk, Emilio will give you the basic SEO keys to make your ecommerce work.

already held

You can access all of these courses for free and watch them stream directly by pre-registering here shortcut. However, if the proposed time does not suit you, you also have the possibility to consult and listen to the speeches already given and subsequently published on the same website. Here you will find the following available:

8th.-Inexpensive tools to digitize your business. Of Louis font, consultant, headhunter and sales and marketing coach. In this Master Class Font, he explains how the cloud can help you digitally transform your business with very affordable and even free tools.

9.-How to launch digital means of payment from Joerg Varela, Manager of E-Commerce and Digital Transformation at Everis. Online payment methods are an advantage when it comes to selling online, but also to improve sales processes in stores and enhance the shopping experience. In this conversation Jorg Claveria offers concrete measures that can be applied from that moment on.

10.-How to set up a WordPress in 30 minutesWith Antonio Joan Martorell, Customer Support Manager at MrDomain. When a company’s traditional channel stops abruptly, it’s not time to regret, but to seek creative solutions. Antonio Joan Martorell gives a hands-on session on how to create a website in minutes.

eleven.-How to create a Linkedin profile and position it for indirect sellingoffered by Sergio Cuesta Mares, Entrepreneur and Coach. LinkedIn is the leading professional social network in its category, and while it’s not a place for direct sales, a good professional profile can be an excellent sales lever.

12.- How to sell on WhatsApp, responsible for Mary Toledo, inbound specialist. Whatsapp is the leading instant messaging platform in Spain, but it can be much more, it can be a great sales channel. In this talk, María Toledo explains how to manage these actions to get the most out of them.

13.-Publish your business online with Google My BusinessWith Ivan Briceno, specialist in digital marketing. Google tools are always a great option for our businesses. Briceño offers the keys to publish our company on the web with Google My Business and make the most of it.

14.-Cases to put your business online today and invoice tomorrowresponsible for easter halt, Chief Innovation Officer at IEBS. Innovation and creativity are the key to emerge stronger from the current situation. In this lecture, Pascual Parada brings together a series of cases of SMEs and self-employed people who take daring actions because of their novelty and who are true examples of strength and resilience. This presentation, held on April 23rd, will be uploaded to the website shortly along with the other webinars.

To these daily and free webinars we must add another series of online courses that this business school offers and that you can consult about it shortcut.

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