The aim of this event is to encourage and promote nine companies supported by the CEEI, from their creation to their consolidation in the market. The nine companies featured Characterized by their high differential component, based on innovation and technology, they are:


Journalistic agency specializing in proximity information by smartphone in real time and without intermediaries. They provide journalists with all the necessary tools to create their own local newspaper through the developed application.

Information about news from the area reaches the user of the app 2 to 3 times a day, as if it were a WhatsApp completely free. Thanks to its support for local advertising, it allows to generate the necessary income to hire one or two professionals per area.


Dedicated to the design and manufacture of composite materials (carbon fiber, fiberglass), their experience in the construction and repair of boats allows them to create complicated geometric parts in an avant-garde style, economical and with particular mechanical properties, in sectors such as naval design, construction and automotive.

They offer innovative processes previously found only in elite sport and aeronautical competition, such as 3D design, Cad/Cam machining, or carbon fiber and glass laminates through infusion systems.

Chrono chip

Crono Chip has been dedicated to timing sporting events for years. 3 years ago they decided to develop their own timing system, a system that is easier to use, very precise and with great features in the cloud that makes the communication of information much faster. And out of that, Sportmaniacs was born.

Sportmaniacs, web and mobile APP, is a one-click registration platform to practice athletics, cycling or triathlon with real-time rankings and push notifications that has a community of more than 100,000 users.


Espinela is a brand for exclusive, high-quality women’s shoes that are 100% made in Spain. They have a differentiated product, design and a high level of detail. Espinela recovers the know-how and details of an haute couture atelier but in shoes, creating a new modern and avant-garde luxury.

The company has a dedicated collection for each campaign and also offers a personalization service, with advice from the brand’s creative director, to adapt to the needs of each client.

Green Research

Dedicated to the technological development of ecological chemical products for agriculture and the food industry, avoiding the use of fertilizers and pesticide residues. It focuses its activity on the development, manufacture and international marketing of fertilizers based on phytosanitary biological induction, eco-friendly and residue-free, and post-harvest products.

In addition, it includes other lines of activity that complement the previous ones, such as the BCOs (Biological Control Organisms) and the development of R&D activities for third parties.


Specialists in the design, development and sale of educational toys for children aged 3 to 6 with the aim of encouraging their development through the senses. Kibi toys deal with sensory themes such as textures, flavors, weight or strength differences and are inspired by free and organized play methods.

Thanks to their “connected toys”, i.e. physical toys that are connected to the tablet or smartphone via a dedicated application, they enable the development of a sensory experience beyond sight and hearing.

neuropharmaceutical test

Spin-off dedicated to the research and development of new therapies in the treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders through the use of animal models and the application of various molecular, cellular, behavioral and bioinformatic techniques, evolving from the Department of Neurobiology of the University of Valencia.

They offer their services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and research laboratories interested in evaluating the efficacy of molecules and other treatments at the preclinical level.

play movie

Company dedicated to the development of technological solutions for the advertising market in order to increase the effectiveness of the communication actions developed by advertisers.

They have developed editing software that streamlines the production and publishing of interactive videos, allowing the end user to interact with the advertiser’s brand in a variety of ways. Its system is entirely in the cloud and converts any type of video into interactive in just a few hours and without programmers.


TuLibrodeFP is a publisher specialized in publishing FP books, offering very didactic textbooks made by teachers at a reasonable price for students.

Its main innovation is to change the traditional distribution channel, which is through dealers and bookstores, and to replace it with direct sales via the Internet. With this, they manage to get the books cheaper to €11, while other similar books cost between €28 and €36. In addition, they are committed to educational video games as an enrichment for the textbook.

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