ValueCar: Compare new and rental car offers

ValueCar is a marketplace launched in September 2017 that allows car buyers to find, compare and buy the different mobility solutions they are looking for. From new or used cars to car rental through rental.

The automotive industry, which has always been very conservative, has not yet made the leap into the digital world and this is where the startup comes in. ValueCar is a marketplace launched in September 2017 that allows car buyers to find, compare and buy the various mobility solutions they are looking for. From new or used cars to car rental through rental.

Just one year after its launch, ValueCar announced last September that it had completed a seed-phase investment round worth EUR 320,000. According to the company, “The aim of this round is to consolidate its position in Spain, create new business areas on the web platform and encourage investments in communication and marketing in order to attract new users.” in the same line, Edward Clavijo, CEO of ValueCar, states: “It is gratifying that a panel of investors has joined us in our vision of making online car buying easy and transparent. This investment gives us the resources we need to consolidate our position in the market and scale the project faster.”

more eloquent, David EguizabalStartup COO: “One small step for ValueCar, one giant leap for online car sales, which we trust 100%.”

Today, ValueCar has more than 25,000 registered users and a total of 400 dealers connected to the platform. With double-digit monthly growth rates, the affiliated dealers are already creating more than 15,000 offers per month. The service is completely free for the user and is financed by participating dealers.

In addition, ValueCar works with almost all options on the market: new cars, kilometer zero, used cars and, as a last step, private rental. The startup currently offers the possibility of changing the car every two or three years, although the goal is to do it every three months, adopting the concept of renting the car by subscription, a modality popular in the sector becomes very important. With this option, users don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying the vehicle, as a fixed monthly fee not only covers car ownership, but also maintenance, workshop repairs, tire changes, ITV and insurance.

Keyless rental: keyless access to the rental car

the Spanish company Worldwide mobility has specialized in the development of mobility technologies since 2016, especially for car rental. One of the most popular is Chipi , an application that compares the availability, prices and waiting times of all mobility services in the city in real time. Now just throw keyless rentalan intelligent digital system based on Bluetooth connectivity and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) that offers keyless entry, security, data analysis and convenience and is aimed at the rental car market.

Keyless Rental is a keyless access solution that speeds up the opening of doors and avoids dependence on the key, which is particularly useful in car rental companies, for example, since it allows the entire operation to be carried out by mobile phone, without the need for a key and without the to pass rental desks, avoiding queues.

With 100% Spanish technology, it is a solution developed, exploited and marketed in the cloud computing model. The service, which has been in its beta since the summer, is now fully operational for users.

This allows users to open, close, locate and view the fuel of cars in seconds with the application from their mobile device or computer. It offers a unique user experience and offers the easy customization according to users’ needs and preferences.

Emilio Melado, CEO and co-founder of World Wide Mobility, states: “Digital transformation is changing the paradigm of the automotive industry and at World Wide Mobility we aim to offer solutions that adapt to our customers’ needs and provide the best possible user experience. Thanks to our technological know-how with urban mobility operators, we have developed this solution that will reduce waiting times for users of this type of service.”

Wondo: Intermodal Transport

want is a commitment to urban mobility that arises within the ferrovial. It is a platform that allows users to choose the most suitable means of transport for them to reach their destination in the cities in the fastest, cheapest and most sustainable way. The tool integrates most of the options available in the market, such as E.g. shared vehicles (cars, motorcycles and bicycles), VTC licensed cars, taxis and public transport.

Regarding the user, you just have to choose origin, destination, time and number of users. Based on this data, the application will offer you the options available and how to pay for the service. A large number of customers had the opportunity to review its operation at the last edition of the South Summit in Madrid.

Developed by Ferrovial’s Digital Hub and Services Division, Wondo has the collaboration of various technology companies. Its platform enables the creation of mobility applications and services and provides analysis tools for urban transfers.

According to the parent company, “Ferrovial has chosen a startup model for Wondo, which was born as an independent company, as it offers greater flexibility and responsiveness to the changes that are occurring in these emerging markets, where new technologies and collaborative economies as well the need to respond quickly to the preferences of users faced with diverse and innovative transport alternatives,” he explained. Federico Florez, Director General of Innovation and Systems at Ferrovial.

With the founding of Wondo, Ferrovial expands its range of urban mobility, in which it already has companies such as e.g Zity that offers shared vehicle services in Madrid, or satellitean application that allows users to pay tolls from their mobile phones on highways.

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