WhatsApp business

ajit varmaWhatsApp’s Head of Business Products, has announced three major updates for WhatsApp business to make it easier for businesses to use and improve their communications with their customers to help them sell more and better:

Faster setup of WhatsApp Business

To reduce the time it takes businesses to get started with this service, what used to take weeks now takes just five minutes. These improvements will make it easier for medium-sized and large companies to communicate with their customers via WhatsApp, whether they choose to work with a business solution provider or use Facebook to assist them directly.

Get more information from companies

As more businesses join WhatsApp, the way they can communicate with their customers is getting better. Previously, companies could only send timely notifications, a type of message that doesn’t allow customers to be contacted with more information outside of a 24-hour interval. To facilitate communication, it now supports more types of messages, so companies can, for example, inform their customers that a certain product is back in stock. In addition, since it has been useful for health authorities to regularly share information about the pandemic, the company wants to make these services available for other types of conversations as well.

New ways to respond to businesses

New messaging capabilities are also being built to make it easier for people to interact with businesses. The new message lists offer a menu of up to ten options, eliminating the need to type replies. Additionally, with a simple touch, the reply buttons allow users to quickly select one of the three options that businesses can pre-configure through their WhatsApp Business API account.

“As always, it’s the people who are in control of their chats and they’re still the ones who need to initiate the conversation or request that a company contact them via WhatsApp. Along with these updates, we are also giving our users who have blocked companies new ways to share more details about that experience with us,” says Ajit Varma.

“We want WhatsApp to be the most convenient and personalized way to connect with businesses, and we’re excited about the new features we’re developing to improve messaging between businesses and their customers.”

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