The idea of ​​impressing

Impress: Latest technology for invisible orthodontics

The idea for this company, which in two years is already running 60 clinics specializing in orthodontics in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Great Britain – and soon also France – “came from my own experience as an orthodontic patient. with my partner Vladimir Lupenko, we found that there was a gap in consumer needs. In front Printa patient could choose between very conservative and technology-averse orthodontic practices or companies focused on aesthetic treatments. With Impress we try to fill this gap with the experienced orthodontist Dr. Khaled Kasem, and to combine the best of orthodontic tradition with the most innovative technology in the industry,” he explains. Diliara Lupenko.

Impress’ business is built on Dr. casem. “And it’s not an aesthetic treatment, it’s a medical procedure that, while improving the health of our patients, gives them a new smile that makes them feel comfortable and confident about their looks and appearance.” And most importantly, without changing their lifestyle,” emphasizes Lupenko.

Don’t forget health. Impress wanted to position itself as a new generation of invisible and digital orthodontics, “more accessible than other methods because, thanks to our transparent aligners, we help our patients achieve an aligned smile without losing sight of our priority, their health”. Lupenko claims that being experts in invisible orthodontics allows them to focus all of their resources and efforts on improving their patients’ smiles. “Besides, since we don’t work with intermediaries, we can ensure the best result. It is a great advantage that our medical team has absolute control over the entire process that the patient goes through and therefore the results. And that’s because we work the same way and follow the same protocols in all our clinics.

Anyone who starts an Impress invisible orthodontic treatment can go to any of our clinics without always having to be the same. This benefit is amplified in our patients who travel frequently for various reasons. In these cases, the patient can go to Barcelona for a visit, and if he is in Bilbao in the next case, he can visit the room we have and see his specialist.” They also offer the possibility to monitor cases in one on-line. “Thanks to you applications Dentist we work with, the patient just needs to take a picture of his mouth, post the picture on the applications and wait for the specialist’s assessment, who will determine whether or not it’s time to change aligners. We have customer service 7 days a week.

from left From left to right: Javier Muñoz and Sergio Serrano, who work in catering and retail. And in the future also in the toilet.

Haiso Delivery Solutions: Customized solutions for successful home delivery

They are a clear example of a full-fledged pivot. Javier Munoz Y Sergio Serrano They acquired motorcycles to rent to delivery men. “But we noticed that the sector was ‘sleeves over shoulders’: a large number of payments in B, rented motorbikes that were circulating without insurance, papers that were not in order, etc. We started and are surveying a large number of delivery companies Joined Facebook groups equestrian (both Spanish and foreigners) to listen to their concerns and concerns. We have thoroughly researched and made motorcycle rental companies standards of prices and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. And we have decided to go one step further and professionalize motorcycle rental for delivery people. And it was from this idea that Haiso was born,” these entrepreneurs recall.

They devoted about four months to this concept, but found that it would not be a successful model “because the target group we were targeting had not yet reached a point where “a professional rental” would offer them great added value would.” They recognized the need for hoteliers to have their own delivery in order not to be dependent on the main delivery platforms. and so was born Haiso delivery solutions.

“We offer tailored solutions to make home delivery work: marketing to generate demand, technology to manage orders and drivers to deliver them. We are not purely service providers, but partners involved in making our partners’ delivery successful.”

from left From right Cristina Carrasco and Beatriz Cardoso.

Maison Balmont: design and manufacture of hospitality and health uniforms

Friends since childhood and moved by a creative restlessness, Beatriz Cardoso Balmont Y Christina Carrasco They decided to work together. “We understand that the image conveyed by a company is very important. It is your cover letter and the first impression the customer gets. when we start it Maison Balmontdedicated to the design and manufacture of work clothes (uniforms), we have done it with a small collection of hats/headbands for the waitresses of the gastronomywho wanted to stand out from the rest and put their personal stamp on them, even if it was a service accessory,” recalls Cardoso.

This first collection was a success and both gastronomy As restaurants, they started contacting them. “They wanted to have an image with their own identity, and they wanted us to do the same with their uniforms, because workwear in that sense was very basic and with a lot of restrictions on variety. Back then we launched our first collection of hospitality uniforms. We wanted to bring fashion into the work uniform and that the uniforms do not appear to be uniforms as such, alongside the functionality they must have.”

His clients include the cosmetics company Elizabeth Arden, the exclusive collection of Matías López chocolates, the Michelin-starred restaurant el Xato, the Zaudin Golf Club, Alfardos Catering… “Because of Covid and as a company committed to hospitality , we we have reinvented ourselves and we have integrated a range of hygiene uniforms. And we have a partnership with ASN Madrid together to achieve strength in the bridal sector and conclude trade deals”.

from left From left to right Víctor Abrines and Pepe Cabestany. More than 40% of sales go to Germany, Great Britain and France.

Matcha & CO: Sale of “Matcha” tea and dietary supplements to improve well-being

Something as routine as a coffee was the seed for the project that Victor Abrines Y Pepe Cabestany launched in June 2018. “While working together in a startup incubator, we realized that we drank coffee 24/7 to stay awake and perform longer. However, when the effects of the caffeine wore off after a short time, the feeling of tiredness and irritability increased. In search of alternative healthy sources of energy, we came across tea matcha and we saw that it provided energy for longer without producing jitters or other negative effects of coffee,” recalls Cabestany.

Matcha & Co is a brand dedicated to the manufacture and sale of tea matcha, tea powder and dietary supplements to improve well-being. “The antioxidant power of tea powder helps reduce aging, activate metabolism and provide energy without producing jitters. We work with farmers to offer very high quality products. We have developed a technology to grind teas that we usually drink like rooibos, jasmine, English breakfast either Earl gray just like tea matcha. In this way we consume the tea leaves instead of infusing them and this allows us to preserve all the benefits and properties of the tea.”