More than 150 international professionals, including innovation leaders and start-ups, will spend two weeks working on the evolution and development of business models aligned with the UN SDGs. From May 25th to June 5th, “Menorca will become an international center for entrepreneurship aimed at developing a more sustainable world”, as explained by Mark MartinCEO and co-founder of Millennials in Menorca.

Menorca Millennials celebrates its fourth edition and on this occasion focuses on Industry 4.0 and the use of new technologies with the potential to contribute to the development of the three pillars of sustainability (economic development, social inclusion and environmental protection). Blockchain, artificial intelligence or big data are some of the technologies that are already being adopted by the startups that have applied to the program and that will be supported by the innovative deceleration method of the Menorca Millennials to scale them up and make them more competent.

“At Menorca Millennials we believe that the role of the most innovative startups will be crucial in achieving a more sustainable world and we want these startups to progress through the program and be included in our community,” said the leader of the first global deceleration programme.

The more than 300 startups that applied to the program in this fourth edition, “develop solutions to humanity’s problems through new technological proposals that are also solid companies. 90% of the startups that applied told us that they are committed to a better world and confirm that they are guided by one or more SDGs. In the assessment process, the diversity of the SDGs represented and the proposed solutions caught our attention,” said the CEO and Founder of Menorca Millennials. “These entrepreneurs are visionaries of a responsible world and we will help them focus, invest and scale their business models,” added Marcos Martín.

The slowdown method that Menorca Millennials has developed, as well as the choice of the island of Menorca, is key to the development of this type of startups. The island, declared a Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations, “is the perfect place to find moments of inspiration and creation and to connect with the challenges society is facing in the technological future and startups in their everyday life” , he reiterated the head of Menorca Millennials.

The 30 startups selected to take part in the eighteen-month program and aligned with the 17 UN SDGs will be announced mid-next May. A total of 337 innovative companies from 70 nationalities from all continents applied.