Repair of old turntables and radios

in the sound tube They have been repairing professional and private sound and audio equipment for 40 years. Among other things, they repair turntables and old radios. As they say, “Sales of vinyl have skyrocketed in recent years, far outstripping CD sales, and many people are hauling back the old records they used to listen to at their parents’ and grandparents’ and giving the listen a real treat.” sentimental value. “. In this line they offer a repair service for “turntables or turntables” of any type, such as the classic sideboards or the briefcase laptops.

You remember the time-consuming repair of a record player, starting with determining the source of the error. “Typically they are produced in the phono chassis, which is the set that consists of the platter, capsule and tonearm. On the other hand, there are the typical adjustments of the arm so that it is well balanced and the speed of the record, which must be done with care and with the appropriate tool.”

On the other hand, they also claim to be “the company that does the most repairs on old radios in Madrid and all over Spain”. Also in this case they offer a repair service for all kinds of old radios, including tube radios, recalling that “this type of radio is very sought after by collectors”.

In both cases, repairing these devices today requires very specific skills that few already appreciate, in addition to the difficulty of finding spare parts and the right tools to work with these devices.

Vuk Bikes: bike repair

Just three years ago Raul Martin Ardaya He was encouraged to start his own bicycle workshop, Vuk bikes. Connected to the world of third party bicycles throughout his professional career, he was able to identify certain weaknesses in the industry that bothered him. First, being overly commercial with the customer, and second, promoting the sale of new bikes rather than seeking a second life for the one they already had. So he rented and renovated a space in the Green Hall in Madrid, where he treats everyone who walks through the establishment closely and honestly. “We may not be the best mechanics, but we’re the nicest,” he jokes. It is a very meticulous professional workshop where as soon as you enter you can read “No to bike racism” on a sign, which Martín Ardaya uses to indicate that he will treat a dirty bike with the same respect and professionalism that will last for years latest high-end model and that the first suggestion for an old bike will be to repair it as long as it is profitable.

As a sole proprietor with his own resources, getting the workshop up and running has meant a lot of work and sleepless nights between radios and networks, but “piano, piano”, Vuk – the Serbian wolf, that’s what Raúl Martín was called by his friends- It’s going to be a sustainable business. In his case, too, the pandemic has benefited the sector by encouraging the use of bicycles as an alternative mode of transport to public service. Many of the repair inquiries were received online in full, so that since the workshop reopened sales have doubled compared to the previous year and are expected to continue to grow. As additional lines of business, Vibuk also sells new bicycles as well as accessories, equipment and components.

CyG it Sustainable Tech, 500,000 electronic devices repaired per year

Average repairs of 500,000 electronic devices per year, annual turnover of around 20 million euros, presence in 102 countries and 2 million euros raised from private capital from business angels last March CyG it Sustainable Tech the leading Spanish company that triumphs in the repair market. And that everything started from scratch, when Alexander Costa decided 16 years ago to start a small computer workshop in Bollullos de la Mitación (Seville). Now, with the new economic injection received, the company intends to realize an ambitious strategic plan with double-digit growth in the coming years.

CyG has been owned by Telefónica since 2015 and has received numerous awards and recognitions, such as the Andalucía Emprende Award or the Award for Business Excellence. Although his core business continues to be the after-sales and repair service, both for companies and individuals through the division myfixpertthe expertise accumulated over its 16-year history has propelled CyG into becoming an increasingly technological company. For example, they have a self-diagnostic system, Aitana, with artificial intelligence that allows them to identify the problem with the device 90% of the time, just by describing a few “symptoms”. They also developed a tool called Feedbalia for Leroy Merlín that facilitates internal communication for everyone in the company and talent management. To support the digitization of the hospitality industry, they have developed another tool, Hotel Extension, an app that allows you to check into a hotel, open the room with your mobile phone, use it as a remote control for the TV, or even request room service. All with the aim of promoting safe tourism.

Another value to consider in this company is the important role they play in sustainability. In a commitment to the circular economy, part of the parts and materials used in repairs are reused in the technology sector.

Repairing old books

what repairs Anna Jessen In his workshop there are ancient but also modern books, many of which are considered unique bibliographic works, appreciated by booksellers, bibliophiles, convents, public or private libraries … Although the materials used in the past in the manufacture of a book, far superior to current ones, the passage of time decomposes them and fills them with moisture, fungi or victims of insects and rodents that make the book ill, some of them have been declared World and Cultural Heritage.

It is a meticulous artisan work that requires the expertise of a specialized professional such as Ana Jessen, who has rediscovered books such as the Acta Santorum of Bolandos from the Yuso Monastery or the Martirologio y necrologio, a manuscript codex written in Chinese ink on parchment the 17th century and from the Collegiate Church of San Isidoro (León). Works like the above have made this professional one of the most sought after for this type of assignment and a reference for others interested in following in her footsteps. For them he founded a school where he passes on his techniques and knowledge to the students who attend his courses and workshops. “For me, repairing, binding, embellishing and preserving every old book is both a commitment and a challenge that gives me deep satisfaction,” he explains.

Habitissimo: guidance in home repairs

habitual It is the ultimate platform for home renovation and repairs. Founded in 2009 by young Internet entrepreneurs Jordy Ber Y Martin Kaleau, the platform that puts people who want or need to carry out a reform or repair in contact with professionals in the sector, has become the market leader in Southern Europe and Latin America. Since 2017 the company has been part of the UK multinational HomeServe HomeServe, a leading international home care and maintenance company with over 25 years of experience.

Habitissimo currently generates around 250 direct jobs and has more than 300,000 active professionals on the platform.

The fact that the Mallorcan company has always taken care of the well-being of its employees and was one of the first to have the People, Happiness & Culture Director (HR Director) department, a position of psychologist, also speaks for itself Lydia Nicholas. As if that wasn’t enough, Habitissimo was recently voted among the best places to work in Spain.