These 50 brands sell through FairChangesa marketplace where sustainable brands that produce without slavery or child labor meet and find visibility.

(Left to right.) 1. Jewelry inspired by the dances of India and made from fabrics derived from saris Studio Varali. 2. Organic cosmetics Handcrafted Beauty. 3. Craft pet products Tqel dog trends. 4. Customizable designer lamps Fillin lamp. 5. Paraben-free natural cosmetics for the beauty-conscious Ecoeko. 6. Sustainable accessories with surprising geometries, Natural cork. 7. Organic Cotton Amigurumi Bear, ex BruDiy. 8. Handmade Wooden Toys (Chin Pum). 9. Felted Wool Creations (Small anchovy). 10. Endangered Species Inspired Accessories (The Desman). 11. Funny Sustainable Baby Gifts (newcomers). 12. Author’s Toys: Hum series by Unai Rollán.

(From left to right.) 1. Ecological toys for children and personalized dolls for adults. Out of Tokokoro. 2. Children’s ceremonial dresses made on site. Out of Eleanor & Sofia. 3. Sustainable fashion with illustration and design. Out of Ninoti. 4. Tie-dye cotton baby clothes. Out of Dada for children.

(From left to right.) 1. Creative marketing solutions and German translations. Out of yolk and shell. 2. Limited edition handmade creations. Out of PIPOL art. 3. Unique handmade accessories. Out of Les Volutes de Laura. 4. Fashion km0 for your feet. Out of MissSock.

(Left to right.) 1. Conscious Beauty Products. Out of Dhyvana. 2. Handcrafted wooden speakers for phones and tablets. Out of ecophonic. 3. Andalusian pottery. Out of Mariam Lopez. 4. Accessories made from natural baby alpaca fiber with Fairtrade certification. Out of Allpaqa.

(From left to right.) 1. Hotels for beneficial insects, birds and bats. Out of The Bitxos farm. 2. Organic extra virgin olive oil. Out of Jacobiva. 3. Products of wool and love. Out of feltai. 4 Certified natural cosmetics. Out of Natural Carol.

(From left to right.) 1. Natural stone accessories. Out of excellent. 2. Engineering clay. Out of look studio. 3. High organic phytocosmetics. Out of Sublime Oils. 4. Gourmet products related to olive oil. Out of Super extra virgin.

(Left to right.) 1. Sustainable fashion with boho chic. Out of firiri. 2. Fair trade clothing made in a nomad workshop. Out of the villain. 3. Unique handmade jewelry with the colors of natural woods. Cassario Delui. 4. Fairmining designer jewelry. Out of Nehca jewelry.

(From left to right.) 1. Articulated wooden toy. Original and imaginative. Out of Wodibow. two. round, the board game that encourages sustainable habits for the whole family. 3. Organic cotton clothing designed and manufactured to maximize the freedom of movement of the little ones. Out of Kattalin clothing. 4. Vertical indoor gardens. Out of Citysens.

(Left to right.) 1. A multi-brand fashion and accessories store made in Spain. Blue poplin is in La Coruña and also online. 2. Small fashion collections full of magic and beauty. Out of Mary bath. 3. Wooden furniture with a story made of pallets and fruit crates. Out of rednecks. 4. The creations of a porcelain and textile design workshop in the heart of Barcelona. Out of aniro.

(Left to right.) 1. Natural juices and detox plans. Out of Organic Experience. 2. An experience for gourmets: extra virgin olive oil from Oily. 3. A concept store for new local creatives: old. 4. Designer jewelry and handmade headwear. Out of emebe.

1. Author’s slow fashion made of felt. Out of The felt house. 2. Handmade straps for cameras (pictured). Out of Clear straps.

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