Sock’m: Futuristic socks for tourist trips through space

Friends and partners in communication and advertising companies, danielmajor, Albert Vic Y Raul sword They had helped other brands grow and felt the time had come to create and grow their own brand. “We analyzed several market studies which found that socks are the segment that is growing the most in the textile sector and where men spend more than women. We realized that the barriers to entry are not very high and we created a business plan to test the feasibility of the idea,” says Espada. But SOCK’M is not a colorful sock brand, rather its business focuses on bringing creativity and design of socks to environments that have not been worked on by any brand before, such as: B. space tourism. With this idea, they launched a limited edition of special socks last June that space socksused by tourists traveling into space with the company Zero to Infinity.

“All of our designs are handcrafted by illustrators and then digitized. We are one of the few brands using Egyptian cotton, the best in the world. Additionally for our background in communication we are able to carry out projects such as space socks very quickly, easily and with little investment. We already have another project underway that will be launched soon. We manufacture in Porto, in one of the most important sock factories in the world, supplier of brands such as Calvin Klein or Paul Smith, and each year we select a project that is in the early stages. We sell over 100 multi-brand stores and online through our website. We have distributors in Japan, Canada and Germany. International business is already 20% and our focus is on developing Japan where we see a lot of opportunities.”

Istaruk Ediciones: Stories and books to captivate the little ones

Exquisite care. This is the quality that characterizes the work of Istarduk Ediciones, a humble publisher founded by in late 2012 Elizabeth Vincent, which already has eight children’s books and two cookbooks. “Our goal is to consolidate and grow in the cultural and creative industries. We rely on the original work of writers and illustrators, most of whom are starting their careers. We believe in the book as a whole: format and content,” says Vicente. “We work with all the professionals involved in the book creation process: authors, illustrators, layout artists, proofreaders, printers… Everyone contributes their opinion so that the end result is the best in all aspects. Once we have selected the text, we not only look for the most suitable illustrations, but also for the typography, paper used, binding, etc. We want to offer our readers the best book, interesting texts in a medium they appreciate and will appreciate it, so we make it a priority in all of our spending.”

Vicente, a teacher by profession and vocation, although he never practiced, recalls that the publishing house was born from an unresolved intellectual concern in his professional life. “My contact with the publishing world was my job in the administration department of the largest magazine publishing group in Spain. This provided me with knowledge of business administration as well as the opportunity to meet design and production professionals without whom this adventure would have been much more difficult, if not impossible. Along the way I had to learn many things: editing, proofreading, layout… so I took courses on these subjects.

And in December 2012 we printed the first illustrated children’s story entitled A dream come true“. More followed: Faced with the threat of junk food, Grandma fights back; Turning back; fantasy verses; Nearly; The Giant’s Garden; The bread in the Palio; William the balloon; twelve stepsand if. And all with the same work philosophy: careful selection of ideas, texts, images, illustrations, bindings… “The difference from the competition lies in the choice of projects and above all in the way of collaborating with the authors. During this time we have learned to work and collaborate together, with everyone contributing their experience and knowledge. Being able to work for someone else and being able to combine this has given me a long-term approach to business. I’ve started investing 13,000 euros, mainly for printing costs, and I’m trying to publish a couple of books a year.”

Elqano: “Machine Learning” technology for organizing knowledge management

When a project begins, one of the main barriers is finding and accessing information related to that project among the people involved in it. William Garcia Y Yann Echeverria They found that this is a very common problem in companies.

“Elqano’s goal is to facilitate and promote the flow of information in companies. The reality is that despite a variety of data management systems like Dropbox or SharePoint, employees today often don’t use them or don’t have the time to update them correctly. They are only used to send files that are too large to attach to an email. Knowledge management in large companies is usually messy,” says García.

Elqano helps organizations that are struggling to manage and access the strategic documentation of their various departments: “Elqano is automatically implemented into users’ existing systems (E-mailprivate documents, SharePoint and others data management system) without any effort on the part of users, organizes them and creates summaries and labels relevant to our customers’ employees, thanks to the use of the latest techniques and algorithms that exist in the field of machine learning to analyze each document and create the relevant filters and tags.” Elqano’s headquarters are in Geneva (Switzerland) because “our potential customers are based in Paris and London”.

Cocuus System Ibérica: hybrid laser technology that 3D prints food

One day, two friends (Patxi Larumbe Y Daniel Rico) decided to use all their mechatronics (including numerically controlled milling machines and laser cutting systems) to ‘craft’ a dinner for some friends, which was served at the main casino in Pamplona. “The surprise was so great among the guests that we realized that developing a tool for this would be very marketable if it was reasonably priced,” recalls Larumbe, who has managed several restaurants. Starting from this gastronomic experience, they started designing a machine “based on our knowledge of developing laser cutting machines (worth about 80,000 euros) to achieve a technology that will cost much less on the market. During this creative process, we realized that a machine like ours will be very attractive, not only for culinary purposes, but also because it enables a family with children, for example, to do many things that they could not do before, like z Bags, pendants, kitchen utensils, models, schoolwork, architecture, congratulations, Christmas decorations, birthday gifts…”.

As Larumbe points out, while there are some printers that print with chocolate and others with viscose, “our equipment goes much further because it can print with chocolate, viscose, in addition to 3D printing with filament and cutting, marking and laser sintering. These working modalities make it extraordinarily powerful to achieve the end results that can be seen on our website.”

Sweet spot: Development of solutions for analytical corporate management

Although its origin is Asturian, Sweetspot has worked with multinational companies in foreign markets. Specializing in the management and automation of business recommendations in digital transformation processes, Sweetspot has innovated by introducing significant efficiencies in the management of rich marketing data, flipping the traditional executive dashboard, adapting it for the digital age and adding predictive capabilities.

“After launching Philips’ Global Account in the Netherlands, we caught the attention of giant Procter & Gamble. And in 2013 it took over our platform as a digital dashboard for all its brands and countries. At the end of the year we opened an office in New York and acquired important customers such as Red Bull, Toyota, Infiniti Motors, Bosch… and achieved a turnover of one million dollars in 2015,” he points out. Sergio Maldonado, Founder of Sweetspot who argues that the US market is becoming more dynamic as companies are more willing to take on a challenge and paradigm shift. “In the fourth quarter of last year we opened an office in Madrid to manage sales and marketing in Europe, where we integrated specialized profiles in user experience and development rear end Y machine learning“. In Spain, she already has customers such as BBVA, Endesa, Mapfre and Sanitas.

Gusnight: EVA platforms for wedding guests

In principle, the business idea of ​​Gusnight, developed by Vic Valencia Y Pedro ZunzuneguiIt was exclusively for weddings. “The suggestion came about because I attended several weddings as a guest and saw the problem of lugging dresses or pants as soon as I received some dancers or sometimes nothing. And Gusnight is born the moment you debate between yourself rather dead than simple Y I’m hot, people laugh‘ confirms Valencia. Together with his partner, they decided to find a solution to this problem that offered height and elegance, and at a low enough cost to be wholesaled at an affordable price. “In this cost reduction challenge, we developed an EVA rubber platform with a system we patented today that allows us to add straps or other complements to finish the shoe. A few months after we started selling the couples at weddings, we realized that we had on our hands a very innovative product, tremendously light, comfortable and adjustable, that could be much more than a wedding emergency kit. The patented system has allowed the business model to evolve beyond weddings for sale retail trade with the latest fashion accessories,” says Valencia. Gusnight does not currently export, “but we would like to do so in the not too distant future, starting with South America”.


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