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Odilo: Learning experiences

Early childhood education is essential. That’s how they understand it Odilo , a platform that makes it possible to create unlimited personalized learning experiences. They present themselves as the Netflix of education, aiming to democratize access to quality education by empowering users through lifelong learning. The company, which now has more than a hundred employees, has been selected by education ministries in various countries and by more than 1,000 schools and educational institutions as the recommended solution for designing their online programs. This is how Odilo managed to position itself as a benchmark solution in the global edtech sector. Odilo provides schools, universities, companies and the entire education community in general with fully personalized and multidisciplinary platforms for digital content (e-books, audiobooks, videos, courses, magazines, etc.) intelligently aggregated from thousands of content providers in more than 45 languages .

The company born in Murcia and whose CEO is Rodrigo Rodriguez, managed to raise a $10 million round last year in an operation led by Swanlaab Venture Factory.

Kokoro Children

Kokoro Kids: Developing Cognitive and Emotional Skills

Founded by a serial entrepreneur Carlos Pons, Kokoro Children creates games for children between the ages of 2 and 6 that offer a way to learn while having fun. To do this, they have developed a method called “Kokoro”, which aims to unleash children’s cognitive potential at the most important moment of their development. Developed by experts in early childhood education, the method helps children empower the necessary tools for their future with fun and motivating learning strategies adapted to each child’s age. The Kokoro Method incorporates artificial intelligence to assign appropriate content at the right time, improving the less developed areas and increasing the difficulty of the areas where the child excels, creating a personalized learning plan.

Smileat: 100% organic baby food

With the aim of positively influencing the health of your family, especially children, Alberto Jimenez, Javier Quintana Y dew of the church they created smilea company that offers 100% organic baby food.

The Navarra-based company opened in late 2014 with a factory that produces jars and other edibles based on fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and legumes without adding starches or thickeners. The company’s latest published information speaks of a financing round of 1.8 million euros after Smileat closed the financial year 2020 with a positive Ebitda and a turnover of 3.2 million euros. Currently, Smileat is the third largest eco-friendly baby food brand by market share. The aim of the new round is to strengthen the brand’s position in southern Europe.

Bebeaway: Rental of products for children and babies on the go

Launched in Madrid in 2017, honey away offers equipment rental and everything you need for the little ones in the house when you move to other cities, from car seats to strollers and cots. In addition to savings, the rent makes it easier for families to move. The idea corresponds to the sisters Teresa and Lucia del Portillo. Currently, Bebeaway is present with direct deliveries in the cities of Madrid, Ibiza and Santander, although they offer deliveries to any location in Spanish territory. The reservation is made by phone call, whatsapp or email, without having to register on the web and committing to receive the requested material in a short time. Rental is upon arrival.

ADZ Nadons: ecological diapers

From the solution of ADZ Nadons and its founder, Maria Theresa SaperasWe have already spoken on this site. The company was founded by Saperas at the age of 78 with the aim of promoting the consumption of reusable and sustainable baby diapers. The diaper originally conceived by Maria Teresa is not exactly the one sold today at ADZ Nadons, where now managed by Cristina Adzerias, continued to push the research until they came up with a more sophisticated product. The company currently sells a diaper consisting of a waterproof and breathable outer panty that adjusts to the baby’s waist with Velcro and adjustable in height with snaps. Inside there is an absorbent, the only consumable, made of bamboo, with antibacterial and antiallergic properties that retains moisture, and thirdly, a protector or some kind of biodegradable lining, useful so that the absorbent and diaper do not get dirty with feces and Dirt to be soiled in order to be able to simply throw it away.

Robert Alvarez

Gaptain: Child Safety on the Internet

gape is a startup born in 2017 in the Basque Country. its founder, Robert Alvarez, define it as “a social impact project whose mission is to protect children, young people and vulnerable people from the risks of the internet, social networks and mobile phones. This is because the onset of technology has created the so-called digital divide, which worries parents and educators who are not always trained to accompany and keep up with their children in the digital environment. Gaptain solutions focus on the school and family environment. In this context, Gaptain is developing activities within the European project SIC-Spain to promote a safer Internet for minors, coordinated by the National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) through the IS4K Internet Security Center.

The project is supported by experts from the world of children such as Jose Antonio Luengo, Carmen Ruiz Repullo or the eDucaR team of the University of Deusto, led by Arantza Arruti, among others.

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