A selection of entrepreneurial projects from all over the world that have recognized their opportunity in the boom in teleworking.

01. Interactive Sales Meetings

demo desk is a platform dedicated solely to facilitating sales and demonstrations for commercial teams who have been forced to promote the online channel to close deals. It’s built with revolutionary technology that allows you to join meetings and share information without having to download anything, eliminating the frustration and wasted time that’s usually the common pattern when trying to host a virtual meeting with deter other tools. Its founders define it as the first smart tool for online sales and customer service meetings with a multi-directional experience (among other things, it allows you to share mouse and keyboard control to collaborate with customers).

02. A virtual office provider

temyco has developed an application capable of creating an office like any physical space, with many spaces to work alone or with others. It differs from tools like Zoom or Teams in that it replicates an office with the other colleagues. Upon access, an avatar is created for each person who registers and you can chat on the fly like we usually do in our offices.

Up to 50 people can enter this virtual office free of charge for two months and generate all the necessary rooms. The idea is to keep the workforce connected so they feel included in the organization, which virtual meetings of just 30 minutes cannot achieve. An idea for which they received more than 800,000 euros in funding last year to expand worldwide.

03. Subscription to remote teleworking templates

bold It helps start-up companies to have working teams of highly skilled professionals without investing in contracts as it works on subscription. You pay every month for the hours agreed with Boldly without having to enter into any kind of contract with the professional. What they offer is the guarantee of choosing the most suitable profiles (which is usually not easy when pulling freelancer who work remotely).

Their profiles are primarily located in North America and Europe. In order to guarantee the quality of service, the contracting process is carried out by an assistant from the country designated by the customer, who is in charge of managing any problems that may arise. Subscriptions are obviously not inexpensive. A service of 30 hours per month costs 1,350 euros.

04. Online training for creative professions

share ability is a tool specialized in online training focused on creative work: animation, drawing, graphic design, illustration, photography, crafts… always with courses taught by professionals in each field. The platform operates on a monthly or yearly subscription service and pays teachers based on the number of students they receive as well as the level of engagement with their content.

With this compensation system we want to reward the quality of the teaching. The more time students spend watching videos, the more money the teacher gets. The lessons include the development of concrete projects in which what has been learned can be put into practice.

05. The administrator of the company’s assets

Oomnitza is a platform that helps companies to keep all their assets safe and in optimal condition remotely: software and hardware (end-user hardware, SaaS, network infrastructure, virtual cloud services, retail devices, healthcare devices, etc.) etc.). An asset management service from its acquisition and maintenance to the end of its useful life. It helps companies define their technology acquisition needs and monitors machines to see if they are working well, if there are any unused ones, or if there are security issues.

Finally, it helps companies manage the end-of-life of their technologies by collaborating with the main recycling and resale services, eliminating safety risks in the process and protecting the environment.

06. Monitor productivity

A tool that can reduce some bosses’ uncertainty about what their employees are doing when they’re teleworking. toggle Monitor employee productivity and track it in real-time with reports to help employees be more productive. It is not a supervisor who controls what employees do, but a manager to better organize work, projects and teams.

07. Find remote work

visit It is a platform that matches between profiles of qualified professionals offering remote work and companies that are looking for these professionals. What makes it special is the technology behind it to adapt this match to both parties. The profiles are not visible, it is the platform that is responsible for sending the filtered profiles to both parties. After that, they are the ones who have to agree after an interview.