“You have to be where the audience is. In this sense, Instagram is one of the social networks with the longest daily usage. It’s also one of the social networks that generates the most interactions with users, well ahead of Twitter and Facebook,” he says. Martha CeladaInfluencer Relations and Content Manager Brandmanic Y MarvelCrowd.

Instagram is also preferred by influencers to the point of having created a genre of its own, that of Instagrammerswhere women predominate, aka itgirlswho aren’t models, but “regular girls who set standards for their style and way of life and get millions of likes with every photo,” explains Celada.

Initially, all the actors of the social network in the photo feared that the algorithm change could harm them, but after a few weeks they seem to have calmed down. It’s about increasing the quality of content and gaining interaction with users, only in this way does loyalty to brands grow. But how do you get it? By Brandmanic and Pirendo https://pirendo.com/a consulting company that analyzes social networks professionally, give us the following tips for success on Instagram:

1.-Type of publications

Within a good marketing strategy, “you need to categorize the topics you’re going to address and the type of topic your releases will carry, which depends one way or another on the goals you’re pursuing as a brand”, remember PirendoCarlos Morales Perez. Instagram only allows two types of posting: photo and video, so when it comes to increasing the quality of content on this network, it is at least a pseudo-professional approach to these fine arts. Not just any picture. The Instagrammer must also observe whether one or the other format works better using the data obtained through the monitoring. Having very careful images so that your product “comes in through the eyes” is vital if we are to succeed through this channel.

2. Distribution of Content

Determining the best time for uploading the publications is also the task of the Instagramer considering “the direct relationship between the brand and the community with various factors such as the type of audience they are targeting depending on the brand, what profile the community has or what type of content you are going to publish…” says Morales Pérez. However, in his opinion, the best formula for figuring this out is to subject the process to constant trial and error, use the release at different points in time, and analyze the metrics obtained. Also remember how important it is to take into account the day of the week and month in addition to the schedule and keep up to date with the latest news on the channel.

3. Frequency of publication

One thing to keep in mind is that high quality content takes time and is not generated as easily and quickly as mistakenly thought. It requires preliminary work so that the level is the one you want and it is a content that impresses and shines for its quality. This way we have more possibilities to generate Engagement. In this channel, brands typically post between 1 and 2 posts per day, although there is no set pattern in this regard, and reach no-post days. The balance between the resources available for content creation and a constant frequency of publication is crucial to maximize the impact of our brand and achieve the goals set out in our strategy.

4. Interaction

This is the second value that the new algorithm rewards and which is not just looking at the followers. “A lot of brands make the mistake of looking to Instagram’s K when making their selection influencers when that’s what really matters engagementwhich is a clear parameter of the content creator’s level of influence and connection with their audience,” explains Marta Celada.

It will therefore be necessary to look for likes and comments, “so it is necessary to focus the work in this line to optimize the results,” says Morales. Among the formulas it points out to increase interaction are the creation of contests, raffles, promotions or discounts for a limited time to create expectations … In the language, original and fresh is definitely recommended and It will also. It is also necessary to analyze which releases generate the highest spikes in interaction and review the strategic plan and redirect it to the most successful releases.

5. Use of hashtags

In the case of brands, it is imperative to label them, that is, hashtag them, since this resource reflects the number of users who adhere to the use of the hashtag proposed by the brand. “The use of these elements can have different goals, such as: B. Showing a product, the slogan of the brand, grouping the content according to the themes established in the content plan, or for something as valuable as geolocation or the promotion of a specific campaign,” they point out from Pirendo. However, it is not always easy to decide which words to choose to effectively summarize an idea in a short, fresh and direct way. Some use the tagline and some use the brand name, depending on what you want to promote and what works best. In any case, Celada recalls, “there are no rules. “In our case, the hashtag allows us to automatically monitor the posts and report the results to the client in real-time.”

Likewise, Carlos Morales points out that the use of hashtags aims to increase the reach of publications in exchange for greater brand impact. That’s why it’s interesting to see the virality that the hashtag generates “by visualizing data like the number of users submitting it, so you can get an idea of ​​how many users feel identified with your brand or product.” . You can also see how many posts are using the hashtag, as well as the number of interactions it generates. Good use of these can guide you in various aspects to better understand your community and improve the content you provide.”

6.- The goal is to create a community, not to sell it

Also keep in mind that while there are brands like Pompeii that state that more than 85% of sales are made through Instagram, the goal of this network is to create community, instill engagement, and instill brand values, but it’s not to sell, for the purpose of which certain presentations stand difficulties. The first thing Marta Celada points out is that you cannot paste links back to your page. However, there are studies that indicate a greater conversion of Instagram followers than fans of other networks, which is why it is already being cultivated by companies from all sectors in addition to fashion brands, such as the campaign for a company insurance carried out by Brandmanic or another who is associated with the Red Cross is carried out.

7.- The weight of influencers

“With the algorithm change, the brands themselves will appear less in the feeds, so they need them influencers as allies to make their products more effective,” says Celada. Instagram’s new approach to engagement (likes, comments, shares) and quality over quantity, has helped influencers more than harmed them, making them key players to gain affinity and better position themselves, according to the new algorithm that discards and regulates the chronological criterion for publications , like Facebook, by the content the algorithm decides is most interesting. Of course, they have to “work” more for this.

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