A selection of Startups with Spanish capital that have the most to say for their innovation in the coming years in very different areas, from efficiency in processes and sustainability in fashion to improving eye health.

Feeder: Know the emotions that the videos evoke

Founded in Barcelona in 2020, Feeder is a B2B SaaS that helps companies optimize the results of their marketing investments by measuring emotions that cause the campaigns. Thanks to its artificial intelligence, it analyzes the effectiveness of content in real time Video depending on the expressions it provokes in those who are in front of the screen. By analyzing these spontaneous micro-expressions, Feeder provides its customers with real-time reaction data.

It works by subscription in Spain and Latin America and is easily integrated into all clients’ websites

Crowmie: Invest in tokenized projects

Crowmie is the first investment platform for tokenized renewable energy projects. Allowed any person, company or entity Invest in the energy revolution, starting at 100 euros. Just register and fill out a form to allow any user to invest in any available asset in a global market and liquid. “We are democratizing and decentralizing access to investments in the energy sector and improving the efficiency of capturing and disbursing capital through tokenization. We are helping to accelerate the energy transition so vital to the environment, while investing in physical assets that generate monthly dividends, all registered via blockchain technology,” he explains. Paul ValverdeCMO and co-founder of Crowmie.

WIVI VISION: Training for visual disorders

WIVI VISION has developed a system based on artificial intelligence, big data and 3D help ophthalmologists assess the capabilities of the visual system and to carry out a personalized training that allows the treatment of the visual disorder that each patient suffers from, whatever their age.

It is promoting its growth thanks to agreements with major optics groups and has been chosen by the French stock exchange operator for its future ‘float’ programme.

Spathios: room rental by the hour

Spathios responds to a growing trend: the Hourly rental of rooms, both for companies and individuals: film production companies that need space for shooting, special locations for events or simple meeting rooms.yes Thanks to the 360 ​​degree tour tool, customers can remotely see and assess whether the rooms fit their needs, saving a lot of time and money in the process.

According to Pol Hevia, its CEO: “We are the only ones marketplace that this technology offers and we have shown that it facilitates the reservation process and generates benefits for all parties involved.”

A marketplace which was founded in September 2020, already has more than 1,500 locations throughout Spain and has international markets in mind.

Technology Atlas: Startup solutions for Industry 4.0

It was founded in Valencia in 2020 and acts as an innovation center for Industry 4.0. In other words, to find and find a platform Contacts who help to solve problems in Industry 4.0 with technological solutions to improve processes and save costs. It aims to cover all the key areas of any company: purchasing, logistics, marketing… And for this it has more than 250 employees and more than 1,000 subcontractors in the industrial sector.

It is currently among the projects Lanzadera has selected in the traction phase.

Circoolar: sustainable corporate fashion

There are undoubtedly good opportunities to look for vertical gaps in the sustainable fashion industry. In this case the work clothes. So circulate helps companies reduce their environmental footprint with eco-friendly fashion, Zero Waste and Social Impact as their garments are made in social inclusion workshops. In addition, 10% of their profits go towards supporting these workshops.

Innocard: business cards and digital annual reports

Innocard is a tool SaaS developed by commercials and for commercials that wants to become the business card of the future. With NFC technology or scanning the QR allows the exchange of information between contacts: email, social networks, presentation files and videos… What everyone considers appropriate for their business relationships. All via the mobile browser without having to install an app. In this way, it facilitates business relationships and agreements with instant and customizable information, instantly marking the next steps of the sale and creating a report or history of the customer’s activities in the profile.

Redkey: professional key custody

A locksmith? Yes, a place where Trusted professionals take care of the keys of the car, house, parking lot, business premises… whatever we want protected in case we lose our bunch of keys. You are active in the B2B market currently in Barcelona and Madrid, and they work with a monthly subscription of less than 1 euro per key; If you need and request delivery anywhere, they charge between 8 and 18 euros.

“The security of the service is based on the anonymity of each customer (we only ask for their e-mail address and mobile phone number), thereby maintaining their privacy and protection. In addition to the impact of our solution on the safety and peace of mind of citizens, another attraction is the return of revenue and the enormous scalability of the model itself, which we designed by being plug and play in different capitals of the country and abroad have created.” , says Astrid Camprubi, its CEO.

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