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Start a business in the middle of a pandemic, grow from 3 to 12 employees in 7 months and bill 6x more (from 80,000 to 536,000) with no investment. Fresh people was born to solve a problem: dozens of startups and innovative companies were growing and did not know how to scale the management of their teams in a time of constant change and high complexity of the labor market.

Amidst the big ending Americans — 4 million Americans decided to quit their jobs in July 2021 — Fresh’s suggestion is to put their teams at the heart of organizations. They themselves define their purpose of putting people management at the heart of innovative companies and “bringing their teams together”.

With many years of experience in human resources, Jose J. BurgosCEO and co-founder of Paula Arienrecognized that the job market requires the same dose of innovation and creativity applied in other sectors such as marketing to attract and retain talent.

Nobody behaves like this today or has the same ambitions as those who started 20 years ago. According to Fresh People records, more than 75% of candidates in their selection processes make the decision based on factors such as talent development, career growth opportunities, salary equity or being part of innovative projects full of meaning and purpose where they can provide a relevant one Role-play.

Helping companies adapt their vacancies to new profiles is the goal of Fresh People, where they have already worked with clients such as Blue Banana, Barner Brand, Streamloots, Tropicfeel or Spathios.

The rental tinder

the start JoinHome, also called “Rental Tinder” because they eliminate the figure of the intermediary, has just completed a first round of investment of 120,000 euros. We are talking about a startup with barely a year of life that has managed to position itself among the top options for real estate rentals in Madrid and Barcelona.

JoinHome’s main objective is the democratization of rentals between individuals in Spain, where more than 95% of rental homes are owned by small farmers,” he comments Alberto HortiguelaCo-founder of JoinHome along with Luis Enrique Martinez (Chairman).

JoinHome not only eliminates intermediaries and saves the cost of paying them, but also optimizes the time spent on rental thanks to its system of fit depending on the situations, needs and interests of both parties (owners and tenants) while ensuring the security and confidentiality of your data.

At present, the optimization and technology development strategy, along with the acquisition and retention of users, is entering a new phase, in which they will be strengthened not only by the injection of capital, but also by the experience and experience expertise their new investors. “With this first round of investment, we will continue our goal of creating a circular ecosystem based on the rental lifecycle and its different phases: contact, contract, services and payments,” comments Luis Enrique Martínez.

Looking ahead to a second round, JoinHome continues to grow exponentially and already has more than 10,000 registered users and more than 2,000 published apartments. According to information on the Internet, JoinHome has already saved its users more than 50,000 euros in commissions.

Digital training center

Nuclio Digital Schooldigital training school co-founded by in 2018 Karl Weiss Y Jared Gilhas just landed in Portugal with the opening of a new headquarters in Lisbon.

The Nuclio Digital School is a school with a disruptive model that breaks with the traditional teaching system and evolves into a hands-on, intensive system that encourages vision for change. In fact, Nuclio was born with a mission to educate the leaders of change and foster sustainable growth of cities.

This startup already has several locations in Spain, notably in Barcelona and Madrid. In Barcelona, ​​the company has a campus next to the Sagrada Familia together with the Barcelona Tech City technology hub, while in Madrid the company is located on the central Núñez de Balboa street.

The physical expansion to Portugal is part of a broader international expansion process that has already started this year 2021 and for which Nuclio is an active online campus targeting the European and Latin American public. Currently, the business school has more than 2,000 students of up to 60 different nationalities between face-to-face and online modalities.

The startup, which has seen remarkable growth in 2021, hopes to validate it again in the new year. “2022 will be the year that Nuclio Digital School will make a difference as a digital business school, not only because we have launched more than 10 new bootcamps, but also because the company itself has evolved into a more international strategy, how it started consolidation of the Spanish market,” says Jared Gil, CEO of Nuclio.

Improved SEO positioning

link affinity is a Galician startup nominated for the European Search Awards 2021 in the category “Best Software Innovation” for its unique work in the field of “Public Relations with a focus on SEO”.

Born just over two years ago from an idea by the Murcian Andrews Sico (CEO), the company works with dozens of major brands from around the world. As Entrepreneurs previously published, Link Affinity automatically analyzes millions of websites and finds the ones most related to your business. Everything to position yourself efficiently and cheaply in the network.

“Link Affinity is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to locate and analyze media (digital newspapers, online magazines, thematic blogs, etc.) that you should connect with in your digital PR campaigns; with the goal that Google associates you with a certain topic and sees you as an authority in your industry. How to benefit from search engine positioning through your communication campaigns, public relations and ethical link building.

It is aimed at all companies that want to improve their search engine positioning by leveraging their communication strategies,” explains the CEO.

The Galician company has already exceeded one million euros in sales and works with customers from all over the world.

Mobility for public transport operators

Shotl is a Spanish startup that was among the ten winners of the 2019 edition of the European Startup Prize for Mobility. What they offer is a mobility platform that combines multiple passengers traveling in the same direction with a fleet of vans and minibuses on the move. One of the most important differences is the creation of an algorithm that allows real-time optimization of routes.

In addition to the various transport companies, the initiative is aimed at municipalities, companies and commercial areas. In this way, its solutions help reduce traffic from the first hours of the day.

The company was founded in 2012 by Gerard Martret and has since grown steadily with a presence in numerous international markets. So much so that it was finally noticed by Swvl, the industry leader in the Middle East, who announced the acquisition of Shotl to enter the European market a few weeks ago.

designer socks

It is already well known that you don’t always have to invent the wheel to start a profitable business. Sometimes a touch of originality in what already exists is enough to catapult you to stardom. An example is the sale of socks, where there are success stories in our country, such as starring Philip curtain Y Alvaro GomisFounder of the sock brand Jimmy Lion , which they created in the footsteps of American Happy Socks. Founded in 2014, the company already has its own stores in the main Spanish cities and is also present on the US market.

The New York-born company decided earlier this year to increase its commitment to omnichannel through an agreement with Glovo for online shopping.

Collect payroll at will

The startup born in Barcelona in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis payment flow It allows a company’s employees to collect the portion of their salary they have already worked at a time they choose, rather than collecting it in full at the end of the month.

Benoit Menardo Y avinash sukhwani are the co-founders of this fintech with a B2B2C business model. The idea was well received by the market, especially in times of crisis when the well-being of the people making up the teams was essential to the company itself. In this sense, Payflow is a useful tool for providing employees with financial well-being and putting control of their pay with them, which they can access through a simple mobile application.

The business with waste from the construction sector

CoCircular is a company co-founded by Paula Sánchez Collado (CEO) that offers circular economy services to property developers, construction companies, engineering and architectural firms. They want to prevent the 45 million tons of waste that the construction sector generates in Spain alone from ending up in landfills through the principles of the circular economy. CoCircular is one of Zubi Labs’ initiatives, whose goal is to create companies that provide solutions to social and environmental challenges and have a positive impact on our immediate surroundings. CoCircular was selected from more than 100 startups to be part of the Órbita program. The company also intends to provide solutions to help companies comply with regulations approved by the government for waste.

Art galleries on wheels

truck art project is an original artistic support project by the merchant and collector Jaime Colsa and curated by French in contemporary art and Oscar Sanz in urban art. What they have created is a network of art in motion, where emerging artists turn trucks into the canvas on which they carry out their creations, thus presenting their work to national and international geography as traveling galleries.

The initiative is intended to be a living taste of the most current tendencies in painting, drawing and urban art in our country, away from the white cube and intended for a recipient who is not the usual recipient of contemporary art in unfavorable contexts

Jaime Colsa is currently one of the most original entrepreneurs on the national scene. Founder of the company Palibex, with which he wants to revolutionize the express transport of goods, also supports the Cafe Race Dreams project, a workshop for cool bikers. In this way, he perfectly combines his entrepreneurial activity with his two other passions: art and motorcycles.

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