Around 1,000 companies in the early years of operations are based in the science and technology parks that are members of APTE. These parks have infrastructure and services specialized in supporting entrepreneurs, such as pre-incubators, incubators and spaces for cooperation, all supported by professionals specialized in supporting all types of business projects. Therefore, these science and technology parks represent a wide range of support structures available to all those global entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.

The large network of science and technology parks in Catalonia is brought together in the Xarxa de Parcs Científics i Tecnològics de Catalunya (XPCAT), which houses 9 member parks of APTE.


Barcelona Activa is the organization responsible for promoting economic policies and local development to improve the quality of life of citizens, promote employment, encourage entrepreneurship and support businesses from the perspective of a pluralistic economy.

One of its main strategic lines is facilitating the plural economy, promoting the social and solidarity economy, collective entrepreneurship and social innovation.
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ESADECREAPOLIS. Innovation park for companies

ESADECREAPOLIS is an international innovation park for companies whose main objective is to accelerate innovation by proposing both physical and knowledge spaces that stimulate interaction between newly created companies, ESADE Business School and already consolidated companies. In this way, market opportunities are to be recognized and their development and successful commercialization accelerated.
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La Salle Technova Barcelona

Since 2001, we have been providing consulting services in the formation and growth of startups, along with pre-acceleration and incubation programs, finding funding, assisting with technology development, office space and much more.

We have worked with more than 300 technology startups, helping to innovate large companies such as HP, Panasonic, Xerox, La Caixa, Schneider, Epson, Unitronics, Indra or Simon.
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Barcelona Science Park (PCB)

The Barcelona Science Park offers infrastructure and scientific services in the field of health and promotes communication to make the installed startups visible. The institutions run a free annual press campaign aimed at the general and specialized press. It also provides access to all networking and training activities organized by the park.
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Lleida Food Science and Technology Park (PCiTAL)

Why the Lleida Agrifood Science and Technology Park? There are so many reasons. We invite you to discover them.

1) Communication 2) Stable Economic Development 3) Innovation 4) Proximity of Agents 5) Education, Talent, Skills 6) Accessible Vocational Training Centers and Universities, Prestige 7) Adequate Spaces and Services 8) Reference Technology Centers 9) Leading Food Industry Sector and 10 ) Ecosystem, to make new friends!
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University of Girona Science Park (Parc UdG)

The ParcUdG promotes the regional economy by promoting entrepreneurial talent and creating a high-tech ecosystem. It is a space for collaboration, an environment to support research, development and innovation in all fields, especially in information and communication technology, medical research and biotechnology.

In the 3 main buildings, the ParcUdG has highly modular offices for companies and start-ups who want to settle, laboratories for biotechnology companies and hybrid workshop rooms.
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UAB research park

In order to promote the emergence of innovative companies resulting from the research activities of the UAB campus, the UAB Research Park promotes the Idea Generation Program. This is a program that combines training and practice for research professionals to develop new market solutions based on their research, business and social challenges.
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UPC Park. Polytechnic University of Catalonia – Barcelona Tech

The ESPAI EMPRÈN UPC stands as a central hub for the development of the UPC Innovation Ecosystems (Spaces of Excellence aimed at fostering and managing the various innovation processes generated at the UPC and its community interested persons). The main objective of the ESPAI EMPRÈN UPC is the pre-incubation, acceleration and feasibility analysis of technology-based business projects that will become a driving force for the creation of technology-based companies.

The ESPAIS EMPRÈN UPC are designed as training rooms for UPC technology talents, where they develop and mature their innovative projects, from the conception of an idea to the conceptualization of a technological project with high potential.
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TecnoCampus technology park

TecnoCampus Mataró is a technology park that builds an entrepreneurial ecosystem with the university and the business community, favoring the creation of business initiatives from the pre-seed phase to growth and acceleration phases.

This innovative environment offers a range of resources for entrepreneurs who want to validate their proposal before going to market, through personalized itineraries that include expert advice, training capsules and a startup incubator with advanced technological services and vertical acceleration programs.
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