Sunsetbed is a “mini-island” or floating hammock, ideal for those beach lovers who get up at 6am to nail down their umbrella and reserve a privileged spot before the hordes of bathers arrive. “My great love for the sea and the idea of ​​always being able to enjoy the best and most exclusive spot on the beach were the reasons that gave birth to the Sunsetbed project,” recalls Joaquín Gambarte. It all started with a brainstorming session with his friends asking how they would improve his days at the beach. “What bothered us the most was the crowding of the beaches where you can’t even put a towel, the lack of privacy, the heat that comes when the air isn’t flowing, the importance of being close to the water to be able to bathe, etc. “.

With these ideas, Gambarte set to work on designing a product “that would allow us to always be in a place on the beach where we would have our own space, sun and shade, the refreshing sea breeze and the opportunity to comfortable to bathe in.” Using marine engineering and 3D drawings, he built his first floating Sunsetbed hammock.
They are currently in negotiations with tourism and restaurant companies from Mexico, San Salvador, Argentina and the Dominican Republic.

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