This application created by Joan Pons is installed on any computer and automatically analyzes it not intrusive and without entering the content the employee’s screen or the application you are using. After that, the software provides diagrams with the work processes of the individual employees of the company. This allows you to pinpoint the issues that may exist in each department because of bad time management. “Meeting overload or internal email overload can take time away from other productive activities,” explains Pons.

This application can not only change employees’ habits to make the most of their time, but also change the habits of the company itself in areas such as: schedule flexibility or work from home as WorkMeter can be installed on any computer. Instead of monitoring the employee, the tool targets it break the old myths B. that no employee can leave the office before the boss, or that someone who is late for a task does not recognize their efforts.

From the start of the project in 2008 to today, WorkMeter has made the international leap and it is represented in thirteen countries. Despite the crisis, it increased its turnover by 67 percent last year and a third of its turnover comes from public administration.

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