Telecom engineer, 25 year old from Jaen Luis Garcia Millan developed an application within the European Space Agency, (THAT) to facilitate the work of astronauts in space exploration. This is a MobiPV project that various organizations are competing to develop. Within the Higher Polytechnic of Linares, for his master’s thesis, García Millán undertook the creation of his own MobiPV, “a procedural viewer that gives the astronaut the opportunity to work with an Android device attached to their forearm that helps them track time and time.” create a collaborative workspace with the on-site support team at the same time,” he explains in the job summary.

García Millán’s solution is justified by the fact that “the work of astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) consists of performing a wide range of tasks while following manuals called procedures. Step-by-step procedures help them complete these tasks and can be in either digital format (followed by laptops) or analog format (followed by physical documents). Most of the time, the workspace where astronauts do their jobs isn’t close to where the laptop is mounted on the wall, or the place isn’t accessible enough to carry the physical documents.”

Thanks to the MobiPV application, it is enough for the astronaut to stick the wearable mobile phone on his forearm to be able to consult the action logs on site when he performs a task in space, leaving his hands free for his execution of the task at the same time take care of. As he himself explained, it is “a very friendly format, very interactive, with multimedia content that creates an environment of collaboration with the people who support the mission on the ground”.

The interactive tool received the OK after undergoing multiple tests by various European space centers and NASA’s Houston Space Center last June. However, it remains to be seen if the application will finally be uploaded to the International Space Station, which was originally scheduled for last July.

Regardless of whether it is uploaded or not, García Millán intends to continue its development and transfer its research to the corporate world. “After all, the software is a process viewer, also for industrialists. That is why I want to transfer all the knowledge acquired at ESA in the form of technology and put it at the service of the business world, especially in Andalusia. I would like to market it and benefit companies,” he explained in a radio interview.

To make the leap into the corporate world, various institutions are offering their support to García Millán, including the Department of Business Organization at the University of Jaén.

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