“There are many online shopping services and social networks or applications that provide comments on specific fashion products such as dresses, shoes, etc.
However, this connection to the digital world is still lacking in brick-and-mortar retail. Wannit users have this option. We go beyond the “I’m here” on Foursquare, the “Like” on Facebook or the followers on Twitter,” says Leandro Pavón, founder of Wannit.

That looks cool to me
But what is wannit? It is a mobile application that allows users to save, share, comment on the items they see or try on in stores. “It allows people who go shopping to do it in a more fun and exciting way, by giving them the ability to store all the clothes they like in their virtual closet,” he explains.
The application will be free for users, “but businesses will have to pay an annual fee to be on Wannit as we provide this channel for consumers to interact with the items they sell.

In addition, these companies have access to automatic reports with information on trends and consumer segmentation, as well as a channel for publishing offers. Some of these services are included in the annual fee, others are billed separately,” Pavón clarifies.

The minimum investment required for the development is around 120,000 euros. “Our forecast, considering we’ve reached 2% market share, would be almost €400,000 per year.”

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