It’s a much more restrictive regulation, but you can update and even monetize the economic effort that better data management can bring with these guidelines explained by the IT VASS consultant.

traceability of the data. Not all data has the same level of protection. You must store them according to their sensitivity. Also, add platforms on your website that allow your customer to manage their data in a personalized way: access, rectification, erasure, portability…

Approval. Starting in June, you need to expand the information you offer your users about the consents related to their data. The understood button or the small banner with the pre-marked x is no longer sufficient. In addition, you must remember that the IP is considered protected data.

A plus in safety. Don’t forget to add security extras such as encryption of personal data, confidentiality guarantees, ensuring the integrity of data processing platforms, quickly restoring availability and access to personal data in the event of an incident, and verification and regular assessment of technology with services from chop ethical to avoid cyber attacks.

share data. If your customers give you permission, you can share their data with other organizations. Do this with API platforms that facilitate access to third parties, but always maintaining security and without lowering your vigilance to avoid misuse of the data.

omnichannel. Don’t forget that consent management can be performed in the same way from all channels of your organization: website, applications, etc. In this sense, preference management platforms help to centralize the rights and conditions agreed with users and allow access from any channel .

monetize data

All of this effort to avoid penalties can be translated into better management of your customer portfolio. For example, use the private areas of personal data management to add some gamification to your users so they feel more attracted to participate in the processes to protect their data. This is how you strengthen the bond with your company.

For the same reason, you can use your customers’ data card to offer segmented and, if possible, even personalized commercial offers. Typically, the client grants greater privileges as it gains trust.

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