More than 60 years ago, D. Manuel Cristeto Martín and D. Alfonso Ruiz Delgado met while serving in the military. This resulted in a great friendship that later forged, among other things, GESTORÍA MAYS, a company that can be considered the main engine of its history.

At Gestoría Mays, they continue to drive the technological evolution of professional offices as a differentiator. More than eight years ago, they pioneered the use of the Internet and created a customer area on the company’s website so that users could benefit from the availability of access to the service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

They then developed an employee portal for their clients to give their own employees access to the information they felt was relevant.

Personal advice

In the same line of technological evolution and customer orientation, Gestoría Mays continues to bet on different systems where personalized customer advice is the key to the added value that a consultant offers to its customers, providing them with the necessary tools so that they can focus Focus on your business and not on taxes, labor, accounting, or anything other than the “core” of your business.

In Gestoría MAYS they define themselves as a company that focuses on the integral service to its customers, based on a wide staff structure with a very diverse training to try to cover all the management and consulting needs that customers have for the development of their professional activity need activity.

They put the customer first, using the most advanced technology, but always as a means of adapting to the needs of the customer. They also don’t forget the importance of people and the extra point that a close and personal relationship offers in terms of advising their clients.

Agency MAYS

Year of foundation: 1954

Main specialties: Taxes, Labor, Trade

More specialties: Accounting, transport, deeds, inheritance, subsidies, university procedures, among others

María Pilar Cristeto (Partner and Head of Taxation).
Jorge Ruiz Rodríguez (partner).
Manuel Miguel Cristeto (Founding Partner and Head of Legal).

Campillo Square, 18
37002 – Salamanca
Telephone: +34 92 326 63 94
Telephone: +34 92 326 02 45