The world of fashion lives in constant evolution and revolution, with changes not just for seasons but for weeks and even days, affecting both the purchasing and behavior of its consumers.

All year round, stores in this sector compete online to try to keep their customers and try to pay special attention to their experience, which leads them to end up doing‘ reporting sales. It is not for nothing that it is one of the sectors that, according to internal data, generates the most searches doofinderSoftware company specializing in intelligent search for e-commerce.

Easy and flexible purchases

The pandemic has caused many online businesses to skyrocket during this period, generating very satisfactory sales and turning all estimated forecasts upside down. In fact, according to data from the report “The fashion and clothing industry“Fashion eCommerce is expected to reach $712.9 billion in global sales by 2022.

This estimate is very good news for fashion stores that generate such high demand each season. As well as a constant daily challenge, noisy says Llorenç Palomas, Marketing Manager at doofinder: “Over time, we see store stocks growing thanks to the expansion made possible by the online world, which poses a challenge for consumers who are increasingly using the search engine to go directly to the garment they want, reducing search time is shortened between an infinite catalogue.” .

Despite this, many of these users cannot find the product they are looking for and leave the store without even looking around.

Therefore off doofinderthey give us a little tailoring class with tips to improve the sale of all ecommerce fashion items.

understand your customers

When the challenge is to personalize the user experience to the maximum, you must first know what your prospect wants, aka “Buyer Personality“. Each with a list of points to fill in to be able to draw a full profile reflecting extensive detail.

The best advice in this regard is to try to talk to your customers, either through a survey or by organizing a question-and-answer session on social media, so that at the end you take the opportunity to ask them yourself.

Analyze your competition

From here, not only can you see what they’re doing, but you can further outline the profile of your ideal client.

Analyzing details like communication, sales strategy, content line and their messages can help you understand what your customer values ​​most and how your competitors are trying to approach them to show your way. Ultimately, it’s not just about getting to know your customers in order to adapt to their needs, but also seeing how you can position your brand in the market to differentiate and stand out from others as well.

Improves user experience

A deluxe experience for a user increasingly accustomed to excellence. And for this there is nothing better than offering options that adapt to everyone, such as: B. offering different payment methods, shopping as a guest, via social networks or simplifying the process Cash. Remember: The average in 2021 was almost 70% abandoned carts, so once you improve yours CashYour conversion rate will improve.

Also with one chatbot that takes care of problems immediately will make your customers feel cared for and cared for. In addition to artificial intelligence, a technology already accessible through various functionalities that understands and adapts to the needs of the consumer. Virtual fitting rooms, 360º visits, etc. are good examples of how a customer can feel the products as if they were in the store itself.

It has an advanced search engine

With so many options and variants of products, often written in different ways and languages, it is not easy to find something in detail. And come to that dreaded news of “Sorry, no results found” It is not at all pleasant for customers who leave without saying goodbye … And certainly to the competition.

For this reason, it is very important to have an advanced search engine like Doofinder, which understands needs, can interpret errors, accepts synonyms and helps in searching and providing relevant results.

Take care of the visits

SEO is a strategy you can use to attract organic or “free” traffic from Google. A good option to try to increase organic traffic is to optimize the content you have on page 1.

But social networks and content marketing can also help you to give your shop and your products more visibility and, above all, to make life easier for your customers thanks to Omnichannel. If they can find the information easily, you give them different options, and they feel well taken care of, the experience will be better and more attractive to buy.

These and other tips are highlighted by Doofinder, the advanced ecommerce search engineIn your free eBook Digital Marketing Guide for Fashion Ecommerce, is aimed at online shops in the industry that want to improve their strategy, get closer to their customers and differentiate themselves from the competition.

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