Innovation and sustainability have always been key factors in the development and growth of companies in the textile and cosmetics sectors. Textile companies know how to be at the forefront of current needs by innovating, developing and improving products, processes or services. To recognize the work of textile companies, AITEX launches the third call for Business Prize 2021 in its two modalities:


The Pre-COVID-19 Innovation Award is given to the company that has boosted its business by developing a product, service or production process with a high degree of innovation to propose solutions to the pandemic.


The sustainability prize is awarded to the company that has distinguished itself through eco-efficient management or has developed a product, service or production process that actively contributes to sustainable development and environmental protection.

It is established for each modality, a first prize of €20,000 and a second prize of €10,000, this doubles the total of the amounts awarded in previous editions €60,000 at foundations. In the event of a tie, €15,000 will be shared between each of the two finalists.

A jury composed of high-level representatives of the textile, institutional and corporate sectors will evaluate the presented projects according to the criteria of value proposition, quality of the submitted proposal, innovation, results achieved, socio-economic impact and environmental impact. .

Application period is open

The call for nominations ends next October 25 at 12:00 p.m. Textile companies whose headquarters are in Spanish territory can participate in the AITEX Business Awards. To participate in the tender, companies must fill out a registration application and a brief summary of their proposal, not exceeding 5 pages.

All information, competition rules and the registration application form can be found at AITEX website.


AITEX, the Textile Industry Research Association, is the reference center for research, innovation and advanced technical services for companies in the textile, apparel and technical textile industries. AITEX has a network of 10 international offices serving associates and clients in more than 50 countries.

The institute was founded in 1985 on the initiative of textile entrepreneurs and the Generalitat Valenciana with the aim of generating technological knowledge and transmitting it to textile companies so that they can be more competitive, create more value and access new business opportunities. The Institute belongs to the Spanish Federation of Innovation and Technology Institutions (FEDIT), to the Network of Technological Institutes of the Valencian Community (REDIT) and is part of numerous technical committees and many other national and international bodies.