What is the initiative about?you are impulse‘?
Out of Vella font last year we published the first issue of you are impulse, a platform that supports female and social entrepreneurship and aims to help all women who need to boost their ideas. Through training, expert advice, networking and financial support, we help all those women who want to start a new project or need help to make it bigger. To do this, we have collaborations with very prominent entities in the field of social entrepreneurship, such as ESADE Institute for Social Innovation, Ship2B, Shiftbalance and Ashoka Catalonia, who will train and advise participants to make their proposals visible. . This platform has been very well received over the past year in all senses and as a natural mineral water brand Vella font wanted to devote another year to women entrepreneurship through training, networking with other women entrepreneurs and financial support to help participants achieve their dreams.

The support of the family environment and contact with other entrepreneurs are essential for success

-Why do you focus on social entrepreneurship? Why in female entrepreneurship?
from the platform you are impulse by FontVella We want to support all those projects that can have a social impact, ideas that address the different needs of people or groups around them, be it children, the elderly or others. In addition, they can be for-profit or non-profit projects aimed at providing innovative and valuable solutions. In short, we are looking for entrepreneurs with an initiative that helps those around them and has a lasting positive impact on those around them.
On the other hand, under the brand that from today we are focusing on supporting female entrepreneurs, there are many women committed to making their dreams come true. The economic crisis and the associated increase in female unemployment compared to male unemployment prompted many women to decide to start a business. Vella font As a brand that has always accompanied women in all phases of their lives, it wanted to get involved and support them in this adventure of entrepreneurship.

-What were the results of the first edition? How does Font Vella rate this experience?
The first edition of you are impulse It was very successful and the truth is that being able to make this second edition bigger was a great lesson for us. We received more than 190 applications, of which 146 were approved that met all requirements. It was also very well received and judging by the very positive comments we received through social networks, we believe that it was very appreciated, and not only by entrepreneurs. This year we are keeping the illusion as there are many people who have already expressed their desire to perform this year.

-What role should big brands play in supporting entrepreneurship?
At Danone, we have been developing and promoting corporate social responsibility projects for many years, as this is part of our mission and understanding of the company. We believe that companies can play a very important role on a societal level and specifically Vella font, As a Danone corporate brand, it is committed to long-term action with a local focus.

-What values ​​should an entrepreneur have?
We firmly believe that anyone who chooses to do so will be moved by passion and enthusiasm. Courage, tenacity and perseverance are of course important complementary attitudes to carry out a project with these qualities.

-Where should you get the energy to develop your business from?
Normally, everyone who decides to realize their dream of carrying out their project relies on their closest environment. People are the key to success. In general, family and friends are fundamental pillars that support a path that is not easy, and on a more professional level, we believe that it is also very useful to get in touch with other entrepreneurs and share experiences. So you are impulse Facilitates, through various events, the opportunity to connect different people who are in the same situation. This gives them a lot of energy and strength to keep going.

-In ‘you are impulse‘ You asked last edition’s winners who is behind their success… What answers did you get?
When we asked the women who participated in the first edition of you are impulse about who was behind their success, it was difficult for them to give us an immediate answer. After thinking about it for a few minutes, the answer was: myself. First, we understand this because of the pride in doing your project. But also because these women believed in themselves and in their proposals to improve their environment to make it a reality.