Amazon New World

“After many failures and setbacks in video games, we have a success. Very proud of the Perseverance team,” Amazon founder Jeff Bezos posted on his Twitter account on Oct. 1. He was referring to the launch of MMO New worldan online game already available in Spain that allows thousands of players to explore and build a virtual colony that’s like a magical version of colonial America.

On the same day of its launch, September 28th, the game was able to gather more than 700,000 concurrent players, making it one of the most important launches on Steam. According to some sources, the queues for entering the game were such that they were forced to open new servers.

In this way, New World would have managed to rise as the 5th game with the highest concurrent players in Steam history with 865,329 users, only ahead of PUBG, CS:GO, DOTA 2 and Cyberpunk 2077.

Of course, the numbers could be the effect of novelty and applied marketing, so they could weaken over time. However, the fact that Amazon also owns Twitch, the gaming-centric video streaming service, helps the game by increasing interest and purchases.

a difficult market where Amazon has been fighting for years

New World was the first success for Amazon Game Studios, after repeated failures the company had accumulated in this area. Amazon’s first attempt at a major video game came last year with the release of the so-called crucible. The video game performed so poorly that it went from launch to breakup in a matter of weeks and had been in development since 2016.

But the difficulty of breaking into the game publisher market isn’t just limited to Amazon, it’s something anyone who tries encounters. Google has been trying, without going further, for years to give a “pitch” to Google Stadia, Google’s streaming gaming platform created in 2019, and it hasn’t just started.

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