The toy amazon, the car amazon, the comic amazon, the electronics… And just a handful of companies that managed to put up this poster. But it is not easy to reach this position. We tell you who they are and how they made it.

A few months ago we dedicated the cover story jeff bezos. At that time we analyzed who the founder of is Amazon and the strategies this distribution giant has pursued to achieve overwhelming dominance in many markets. Now let’s look at the opposite part. We asked several experts to identify the strategies being pursued by these irreducible companies grappling with this.

Since the technological giant appeared on the scene on July 5, 1994, many companies have tried to emulate it, but few have been able to do so. In a world where practically everything has already been invented, there is only one way out: innovate what already exists, or find the recipe to emulate a proven business model in another sector where it is not established. This is the success of our time. Mark Zuckerberg, jeff bezos either Elon Musk They are the last in a line of visionaries that may never be repeated. At least in the digital revolution.

Now we must try to compete against their monopolies. But how can you gain a foothold in an aquarium where there is only one shark? A few companies have found success, and while there’s no secret recipe, following these companies’ guidelines will help you stand your ground against the king of global e-commerce. Note something!

01. Look for an unmet need

Amazon sells everything. Below their product listings we can find every item. All you have to do is enter the product you want in the search engine on its website and Amazon will make it available to you. But what if we are looking for a car? The maximum that will appear to you are remote control cars that you can give away for Christmas. Of course, accessories for your vehicle will be everywhere, but there will be no sign of a real vehicle.

What if we add another factor? The sale of used cars on the Internet, new territory for Amazon, where for example clicks has managed to find its own place in the market. But his business model is not only based on used car e-commerce, it goes even further. The key in this type of deal is offering a bonus or a purchase guarantee.” “Our strong selling point is that we combine the online model with the physical model, through our nerve and logistic center that we have in Madrid,” explains he. Charles Rivera, Co-Founder of Clicars, who adds, “Clicars’ state-of-the-art facilities give customers confidence that the company will respond to any issue.”

02. Excuse me, may I ask about the value of the advice?

What is one of the main problems when buying a product online? That we don’t have a consultant to explain to us what the product is about. The physical seller inspires much more trust than any photo or comment on the internet. It is precisely this functionality that Amazon lacks, the North American company supplies this need with the comments and criticism of its users on its products.

A company that has been able to develop this strength well PC components. Based in a small town in Murcia, the company has a turnover of over 360 million euros in a highly competitive sector such as technology. Since its inception in 2005, the company has offered a retail experience that has been translated into the online sphere. Your direct competitor is Amazon, although it doesn’t seem to affect the tech giant’s sales much, what was your key to success?

“One of their priorities is maintaining the level of guidance and closeness to the user that you feel when you go shopping in a physical store and need help knowing what to choose. A classic and intimate in-store experience where you can ask the seller and get expert advice, something the giant Amazon didn’t want to offer,” he elaborates. Ruben de Grace, Online Marketing Expert at Marketing Mutante.

PcComponentes experts offer its users pre and post sale support. This maneuver was crucial for the brand to create a customer base that continues to buy regularly and create a customer base in such a competitive sector.

03. Mine gold from social networks

What are the tools of our time? Currently, companies need a presence on social networks in order to be able to compete. This is our cover letter. Although there are brands that do not require these tools. “Amazon isn’t very good at using social media as a selling strategy, we could even say Amazon isn’t into them,” reveals de Gracia.

And how could we use them? Romina Gonzalez GalettoRegional Manager of Hoot suite, explains: “Networks are another hallmark of our business. You can post inspirational product images on Instagram and Pinterest. In the case of Facebook and Twitter, we can use them as channels to direct customer service. Getting a quick response, whether it’s a question or an incident, builds trust and loyalty.”

Akira Comics, a small comic book store in Madrid, makes 50% of its sales through the online channel. “User Generated Content (UGC) is a strategy based on encouraging the participation of the users themselves in the promotion and growth of the brand through social networks, thereby increasing the community’s visibility, participation and revenue, without the advertising costs to increase.” , specifies De Gracia.

04. advocate for the national product

Although many local manufacturers are disappearing from lower cost countries due to competition, some survive by offering a difference value. “Many users choose to buy differently, local, prefer local actors to boost the local economy, have guarantees of quality and traceability of the products,” explains Romina González.

In parallel, Hootsuite’s regional manager adds that the online brand was born in the Basque Country Lufe furniture. Their added value lies in being manufacturers of quality furniture, with a very careful design and the use of ecological wood. And of course very competitive prices.

It’s a clear example of the ability of many entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves from the giants with a good product, safe shipping and customer service. His Instagram page already has 75,900 followers and the #SomosFabricantes hashtag used is very important.

05. Improve user experience on the web

How many times have you visited a product sales page and not found what you wanted? How many times have you walked away from the website because the site was a complete disaster or its design just didn’t catch your eye and created suspicion? What if the platform loading time is longer than 10 seconds? These details are just the minimum that needs to be met in order to market your products with any degree of profitability. However, there are other additions to get you up to speed on Amazon: the platform’s internal search engine. Activating an internal search engine improves the shopping experience, reduces the bounce rate or increases conversion. The user is lazy, he doesn’t want complications, and at the slightest problem he will leave the web. This functionality is very well implemented by digital fitness, e-commerce with a focus on sports, founded in 2007 in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Its commitment has always been to provide a great user experience. Your browser is working properly. First of all, it is in a visible part of the screen. That’s logic, isn’t it? It’s a fairly common error on many websites.

As soon as you start typing the product you want, the search engine adds the autocomplete feature where different options are presented to make the search easier. Treadmill, treadmill or e-bike? Sometimes users don’t know exactly what they are looking for. It’s not their fault, but sometimes, depending on the company, managers decide to give it a different name. Because of this, the search engine needs to be prepared and Fitness Digital’s search engine offers synonyms for your searches. And not only that: it also takes spelling mistakes into account.

06. Control the price of your products

“Some might tell you that if you can’t compete at the Amazon level, you can compete with competitive discounts or free shipping. But this strategy leads to a reduction in margins that will eventually send the company into the abyss, and worst of all, Amazon can probably get a better deal than the price you could give them,” explains De Gracia.

Hence a Solid ground It pledges not to focus on any one pricing strategy or reduce margins through other measures such as competitive discounts. “If we do it with Amazon, we would be dictating our death sentence as a company and as a category by devaluing it and stripping it of any value beyond price,” he says. Maria LunzCommercial and Marketing Director of En Suelo Firme.

Lunz adds that this situation has a place when your products or services are exclusive or have an added value that the customer perceives as exclusive, that they cannot find on Amazon and that cannot be substituted with other products or services that he can be found in the Amazon company Bezos. “Amazon can adjust its margins in some areas of its business and offset them with others so that its global business is profitable, a situation that’s unlikely to happen in e-commerce. On the other hand, if the products in a category continue to be lowered, it will be devalued in the eyes of the consumer and we don’t want that,” notes Lunz.

This approach has made En Solid Floor a benchmark in its sector, with more than 250,000 monthly visits to the site, more than 30,000 subscriptions and more than 50,000 followers in networks.