The developers of the Visualfy mobile application create value for everyone who has hearing problems and/or blindness, as well as for family members and healthcare professionals.

Visualfy is a project founded and run by deaf and hearing people. As Manel Alcaide and Ángel Albiach – two of its creators – point out, Visualfy is much more than a mobile application: “It is a project for the future, aimed at breaking down social barriers and aimed at meeting the needs proposed by the users themselves. They can actively participate by sending in their proposals, which will be examined and published on the Internet. Users will vote for the ones they like the most, and those with the greatest adoption will be queued for future Visualfy projects, thus covering the real needs of those affected.”

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Visualfy is a mobile application aimed at people with hearing problems and/or blindness that offers a solution to the numerous notifications they receive on their devices every day and makes it easier for them to absorb this information visually and sensorially.

“People with disabilities are consumers too and deserve comfortable and accessible care that takes their needs into account. The results that the application offers to the reporting procedures make them tools of quality and warmth for potential blind and deaf consumers and for others who, through their professional, family or friendship ties, support and share the goals pursued by these groups.” .

The creators of Visualfy will give away part of the profits from this app (the premium version costs 1 euro per year) to non-profit organizations. “Initially, 0.7% of the profits will be used to create training courses in new technologies to promote the integration of deaf youth into the labor market. In addition, we intend that this will enable the creation of a working team, made up in part of qualified deaf professionals, to participate in this societal change.”


The initial investment was around 30,000 euros

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