Peter Heeren Montagu He lived in London for some time to train as a florist. He then returned to Spain and set up his first company in the city of Brunete, where he had the opportunity to verify the acceptance of the idea. Two years ago he decided to move the shop to the Malasaña neighborhood of Madrid and there it remains in a cozy atmosphere between flowers and bottles of wine that he obviously sells Wines & Roses.

About Dutch and American surnames, Peter Heeren says that it was his mother who one day told him the story of the film “Days of Wine and Roses” starring Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick, and although the film ended up being a “drama” he proposed the idea he was looking for to implement.

The first establishment was opened in the town of Brunete as a signature florist, where bouquets and bouquets and other florist preparations were distributed along with exclusive wines, most of them from Spain, champagne or cava and some other touches such as chocolate. All of this is packed in old wooden baskets or boxes that make the “perfect gift for special occasions”.

Two years ago, after checking the acceptance of the product on the market, Heeren Montagu decided to set up shop in the Malasaña neighborhood of Madrid. It’s a small shop of just over 35 square meters that required an investment of around €20,000, although the effect achieved by the furnishing suggests a greater effort. “It’s about being a little original, thinking about it and doing more research than spending a lot,” he admits. The concept of the store is more floristry than wine shop and although it is finalizing preparations for an e-commerce, it is clear that its aim is not to compete with big retailers but to pursue organic growth.

It is aimed at customers in the upper middle class between 30 and 50 years of age, but is also positioned in the wedding sector. If his prices are “slightly higher”, as he says himself, it is due to the differentiation of his products and their presentation. “I won’t compete with other larger ones offering the same thing” is the sensible argument it offers.

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