“Although our usual store model is around 2,000 square meters, we saw a much more local need. We believe there is a need to stimulate urban trade. This resulted in Bricoking City, a store model in an urban environment with a sales area of ​​400 to 800 square meters and supported by synergies with large stores. It’s a do-it-yourself center geared towards self-service and not overly staffed. The aim of this approach is to develop a franchiseable business concept that is attractive to potential franchisees. At the moment we are testing this formula in both rural and urban and macro-urban areas such as Madrid or Barcelona”, specifies Enrique F. Coco. As he explains, “There are almost 8,000 recognized municipal hardware stores in Spain.” Some work very well, mostly as part of a cooperative. But there are other independents who are struggling to survive and who are interested in our model.”

The first stores launched under the new concept opened in 2011 in the cities of Villalba and Vigo. And in December last year, the first franchise point of sale was opened in Lanzarote (Canary Islands). In addition, the company expects to confirm two openings in Madrid and Vigo.


The evolution of this format has made it necessary to find a way to guarantee that the customer will find the same as in big stores. “We promote solutions through an online catalog through virtual terminals,” says Coco.


» Area: 1,500-3,000 square meters
» More than 20,000 references
» Urban centers with more than 50,000 inhabitants
» Commercial areas near metropolitan areas
» Investment of 800,000-1,000,000 euros
It offers machines and tools, kitchen and furniture kits, decoration, painting, furniture and garden tools, lighting and electricity, hardware and plumbing, bathrooms, woodcutting, etc.

bricoking city

» Area: 400-800 square meters
» More than 5,000 references
» Minimum population of 10,000 residents
» Urban or semi-urban centers
» Premises and business premises at street level
» Investment of 150,000 200,000 euros
It offers painting, tools, hardware, kit furniture, decoration, kitchen, crockery, etc.