Andalusia commits

Andalusia commitsa foundation reporting to the Department for Employment, Training and Self-Employment, hand in hand with Miguel Martin, leading national partner and promoter of the World Cup of Entrepreneurship in Spain and together with the twenty agents who formed the Spanish delegation of the World Cup of Entrepreneurship wins the Gen Compass Prize 2022 (‘Compass Awards’) in the category ‘New international partner of the year‘ (‘Rookie of the Year’), which the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) annually recognizes for partners joining the network for the first time for their contribution to the advancement of entrepreneurship around the world.

In particular, Andalucía Emprende, which competed in this category with four other finalists, has won this award for its ability to mobilize more than twenty agents from the entrepreneurial ecosystem, regional and national, adding to the World Entrepreneurship Cup in Spain.

The verdict was announced at the World Entrepreneurship Congress in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). Miguel Martin, the City Council of Malaga and Andalusia Emprende and the Murcia Development Institute as members of the Spanish delegation to the Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC Spain), along with more than 5,000 players in the global ecosystem from 180 countries.

for Pink SilesDirector of Andalucía Emprende, this international award represents an “unprecedented milestone” for the Andalusian administration and represents “a credit to the work that we have developed from this public instrument as intermediaries, articulating the collaboration of more than 20 and have catalyzed interested persons of the ecosystem, regionally and nationally.

The benefits of public-private collaboration

According to Siles, the recognition was “possible thanks to the commitment of Miguel Martín and shows that the public-private collaboration, which the Government of Andalusia is firmly committed to, is the way to promote an innovative company with a global impact, with high potential for the job creation.

In this sense, the director of Andalucía Emprende wanted to appreciate that Participation of the City Council of Malagawho managed to bring this city into the “national epicenter of the Entrepreneurship World Cup… Together we have shown that Andalusia and Spain are capable of fostering and supporting innovative, high-impact entrepreneurship with the resources to be competitive on a global scale.”

Andalucía Emprende was also nominated in the “Best Entrepreneurship World Cup Campaign of the Year” (“EWC Campaign of the Year” category) at the Compass Awards 2022, with which GEN annually recognizes excellence in entrepreneurship and the merits of individuals and organizations who having done this has made a difference by helping entrepreneurs launch and scale their entrepreneurial initiatives to the highest possible level. Spain has also won this award, given by Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) Spain.

World Entrepreneurship Congress 2022

From March 27th to 30th, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) hosted the 2022 edition of the World Entrepreneurship Congress, a benchmark for start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and institutions related to the entrepreneurial world.

under the motto Restart, rethink and regenerateThe congress focused on the intersection of trends and exploring the recovery of a new generation of ecosystems, the rise of businesses in the Middle East, cross-border connectivity and collaboration, the importance of inclusive economies, new solutions to global challenges and the new role of governments empowering entrepreneurs.

Among the participating startups we can mention Checktobuild, winner of the national final of the Entrepreneurship World Cup in Spain, whose solution and participation in the event have already been discussed on this website. Overall they were 555 entrepreneurs from all over Spain those who registered in the first call for the Entrepreneurship World Cup, held in Spain last year.

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