Antonio Banderas

Referring to a survey that showed that 75% of Spaniards want to become civil servants, Antonio Banderas said on a popular TV show: “A country is made up of people who risk it.” And not to leave him with pompous TV statements, we will say, that Banderas has already done several deals.

The main business is conducted in his hometown of Malaga, where he is said to have acquired almost half of the shares in the popular company Winery Bar El Pimpi and where they say that he has 7 houses and 14 premises through the company Glassmore Investment SL managed by his brother Francisco Javier Domínguez Bandera. He also tried to get involved in a project to convert the site of the old Astoria cinema in Malaga into a cultural and leisure complex, but eventually withdrew after the resulting controversy.

It also has a perfume and fragrance brand under its name, managed by Spanish fashion and perfume company Puig, and it acquired 10% of Hojiblancas, a major oil cooperative.

Also in 2016, Banderas jumped into the world of fashion. Before launching his first collection, he had studied at the renowned Saint Martins School in London. How to create your own brand Antonio Banderas desing of selected Homme

His latest entrepreneurial bet is more technological. Is about vibuka project that the actor also joined at first Anthony Resinesa solution to capture artistic talent.

Alejandro Sanz

Singer Alejandro Sanz was also encouraged to enter the fashion world as an accessory designer. Through its own brand, AS Music Designer, which it will market through its online store Starrya global online and offline sales platform that brings together the products of international celebrities who join forces here with other celebrities such as the aforementioned Antonio Banderas or Naomí Campbell and Valeria Mazza.

He had previously invested in Fever along with Feliciano López, Guti and Sergio Ramos. It is also said that he owns several properties and land.

Safe Santiago

Restaurants seem to be the business the filmmaker, described by some as “the rich arm of the law,” likes best. In addition to real estate through Skolnick S. Promotions, he rode with the bullfighter Cayetano Rivera two restaurants, the Bla Bla and the Oh bla bla! , both already transferred. Later they opened another bigger place on Génova Street (they like that area), in the same place where the mythical Cafeteria Riofrío was located.

It has also been linked to the Principe Pío theater project, whose Operation Adif awarded to a consortium that includes You Show, which includes Santiago Segura and José Mota, and Wonderland Capital, among others. Luis Alvarez. Amiguetes Enterprises SA and Chulos Records SL were other companies founded by the filmmaker at the time.

Karl Sovereign

The presenter of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” and ‘Catch a Million’ and seems to be one of the most dedicated in his branch of entertainment. They say that he and his wife Patricia Santamarina bought the Reina Victoria Theater for 7 million euros. Sobera is also the sole administrator of Arequipa productions the production company used it to stage highly relevant works. In the audiovisual sector, he also manages Abako Producciones Audiovisual SL, is involved in the production company Isla de Babel and in Production Five and Action.

David Nice

Comedian, actor and singer David Nice It has two companies and a holding company. “I have a computer consulting business and another audiovisual production, advertising and marketing business. My company was voted “Best European Technology Company” and I have a “stake” in three up-and-coming startups. I’m a born entrepreneur!” he declared.

Risto Mejide

Ricardo Mejide Roldán, popularly known as Risto Mejide, has long since joined the startup accelerator project as a partner Interconnects which also includes entrepreneurs of the stature of Miguel Vicente, Xavier Verdaguer and Carlos Blanco.

With a degree in Business Administration and Management and a Masters in Business Administration from ESADE, the TV presenter and author also founded the agency after share. TV. It was previously included in the Constitution of 60DB entertainment a producer of “branded content”.


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