Antonio Banderas: the business of the most famous Spanish actor

Antonio Banderas He is the most famous Spanish actor in the world. At 61, the man from Malaga is an international film star after a successful career in which he has given life to great characters in Spain and Hollywood. In recent decades he has also distinguished himself as an entrepreneur with profitable businesses in a wide variety of industries.

Antonio Banderas’ entrepreneurial spirit surprises no one. Everyone remembers the words he dedicated a few years ago to people who decide to start their own projects and the comparison he made between American and Spanish philosophy regarding business.

“While 75% of young Spaniards want to be civil servants, 75% of young Americans want to be masters of their own lives. They didn’t want to be in an office with a boss over them. They wanted to come up with an idea, grab some friends, develop it and fight over it. And that’s how the Facebooks and the Googles and the Macs and all these stories are born. With that spirit. A country is made up of people playing it‘ Antonio Banderas said at the time. And it seems that the actor is applying the story…

The Shops of Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas has always been distinguished by his entrepreneurial spirit, which has led him to build a portfolio of companies that is as diverse as it is profitable. One of the most important has to do with them investment property. The artist owns several properties in Málaga and the Costa del Sol, one of the areas where activity has grown the most in recent months.

Also, Antonio Banderas just got off the ground with his latest big deal: the Soho Theateran establishment in Malaga with a Annual budget of seven million of euros and that seeks to become a benchmark for Spanish performing arts. Although, as with almost all success stories, the beginnings were not easy. The pandemic came shortly after it began and the actor had to apply an ERTE for its employees. Of course, the situation seems to be improving.

Parallel to this Antonio Banderas invested around three million euros in the opening of three restaurants located around the theater. The facilities employ around 100 people and are another step in the actor’s great ambition in his role as an entrepreneur: to create a major cultural and leisure complex in the city of Malaga.

All this without neglecting the profession for which he is known worldwide. Antonio Banderas continues to act in major Hollywood productions that bring him millionaire benefits every year. As his brother explains in a report by The country“it’s in the movies where the money is made,” while in the theater his company’s policy is to reinvest any profits into the next show.

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