CEEI Aragon
It’s not specialized. There are currently established companies in the following sectors: audiovisual media, biotechnology and food.

Located in Zaragoza, Huesca and Teruel, this network of incubators and business centers offers support and monitoring services for the business project through management indicators and regular reviews of the business plan. In addition to the basic infrastructure services offered by all MOEI (ranging from general administrative services to maintenance and legal, tax and labor advice), there is a program to create spin-off companies. It also organizes the IDEA Awards, a competition for innovative companies that create value
in Aragon and welcomes companies in the pre-incubation process.

Contact:ceei.z@ceeiaragon.es. Huesca: 974 21 19 21. Zaragoza: 976 73 35 00. Teruel: 978 61 08 12.

Walqa Huesca
It’s not specialized. It has telecom companies and the audiovisual sector.

This technology park offers monitoring and business strategy services. It is affiliated with the University of Zaragoza and collaborates with four research laboratories: Mobile Networks and Services, Optical and Broadband Transmissions, Intelligent Environments, Legal and Business Impact on the Information Society. The University of San Jorge teaches Computer Science in the Park and is the first university in Spain to offer all courses in a technology park, offering graduates the opportunity to join companies there.
On the other hand, Microsoft has 12 research centers in the world, one of them in Walqa. The park will be in charge of digitizing the social security fund at national level.
Another strength is the synergies with French science and technology parks.

Contact: Jose Luis Latorre (Director). On the phone 974 29 92 00 or through jllatorre@ptwalqa.com.

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