are you a bum?  You can make a lot of money with this business...

Starting a business is usually a complicated task. It takes many hours of effort and dedication, as well as intuition and skill, to know how to lead a team without sacrificing the company’s productivity. However, Japanese entrepreneur Shoji Morimoto has set out to make a living “without giving a stick to the water”. And it looks like he’s getting it.

Morimoto receives a large number of “do nothing” requests. your business, for that around 100 euros per service – plus diet and transportation costs – consists of accompanying customers throughout a meal or event, sitting in a chair and responding with only simple answers.

The business idea of ​​this “entrepreneur” was born in 2018 when, at the age of 34, he did not feel complete in any of the jobs he had gone through. The qualified physicist worked in a textbook publisher and as a freelancer, but the long working hours did not make him happy. “That’s when I came to the conclusion that maybe there was something I wasn’t good at,” he explains. in a recent interview.

“Besides work, people from my environment used to accuse me of not doing anything at parties or barbecues. I felt guilty,” he recalls. “But then I thought maybe I could take advantage of this inconvenience, and I came up with the idea of ​​hiring a person who does nothing.” So Morimoto got to work and started promoting his services.

The public reaction was surprisingly the most lucrative for the Japanese. Receive about three requests per dayand accepts any suggestions it can: from accompanying the purchase or meal with someone who feels alone to providing a second opinion on its customers’ personal projects.

Sometimes the suggestions are even weirder, like saying goodbye to someone at the train station or cheering on a runner at a marathon. “He told me he didn’t think I could finish the race and decided to hire me to boost his motivation. In the end, he finished the marathon and was awarded a medal,” explains Morimoto.

The business of the “laziest” entrepreneur in the world

Morimoto may be the world’s laziest entrepreneur. However, his eccentric business idea has made him a success large community of followers in social networks -has 270,000 on Twitter- and is gearing up throw a book where he tells his story. In addition, his case inspired one tv showwhere people from all over the world can hire their services.

Although the law of least effort was the catalyst for Morimoto’s business, the truth is that he doesn’t get along with his customers who seem to be looking for one psychological help with this “alternative” method. “So far clients seem to experience a positive mental change after renting from me. They tell me it’s liberating to be able to talk to someone about things they can’t tell others. They feel better when they let go of things that weigh only on them,” explains the Japanese entrepreneur.

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