Inventor isn’t exactly a company for romantics or half-hearted entrepreneurs. Reality leaves no room for daydreams. The inventors we interviewed agree that “it’s a solo journey,” they speak of “the lack of public and private support,” of the need for “a culture that truly encourages innovation and invention,” and from a financial indifference “which leads us to risk personal wealth”. However, the most unpleasant face of invention is compensated in Spain by blind faith in its inventions, international applause at fairs, family support, a fail-safe tenacity and an altruistic vision.

The idea and its cycles. Many of the inventions originate from needs or are born to solve problems. For example: DGS to prevent falls from heights; AMSPI, for the evacuation and rescue of people in case of fire… But remember that there is a long way from the birth of an idea to its development and commercialization.

Full commitment and economical use. No success without effort. There are people who have to give up their professional activity in order to devote themselves fully to the development of their invention. “He demanded from me an exclusive dedication that is not compatible with any other work activity. During that time, the economic expense presented a major difficulty that delayed the commercial development of the invention,” confirms one inventor.

create a society. In Spain there are people with very good ideas and it needs more motivation and external help to make these ideas a reality. Helping individuals with ideas to become legal entities is important. Founding a company improves the image of the invention, “professionals” the inventor, opens up financing and funding channels that are only accessible to companies, and above all avoids endangering private assets. Young inventors are more likely to make the leap into the company. And the Internet contributes to this, which has made the structural costs of a company significantly more flexible.

The financial barrier. If you don’t have your own resources, don’t even try. Keep in mind that the main method of funding for start-ups is from founders’ savings and family loans. Banks do not take risks, and at the moment less. For our legal expert, “you have to invent without generally counting on public help”. Other options for financing projects include seeking investors from venture capital firms, starting a business and licensing the invention, or simply selling it to large multinationals or companies with a strong technology base (toy stores, automotive, engineering, etc.). .)

What an invention must have to be commercial, basically to respond to a specific need, be useful, promote it and secure a patent nationally and internationally. The commercial vision is to make your product simple, easy and accessible to the general public.

From fairs. The lack of advertising is one of the black holes that limit the visibility of inventions and inventors. The trade fairs and exhibitions of the industry must have a special place on the agenda of every inventor. In Spain, the most outstanding are Geniápolis (Valencia) and the Innovation Fair (Terrasa). Outside the Geneva Fair for Inventions. Large companies and multinationals interested in buying developments come here. It is fair to say that the Spanish invention is internationally recognized. The Spanish participation usually receives special prizes every year. Despite all historical structural problems, we are not behind other countries in any area of ​​engineering and technology. We need to debunk the myth that “they invent”.

And do not forget…

Even before an invention is launched on the market, it is necessary to carry out a preliminary study of what is on offer in this area and to check whether the intended development is really interesting for the market. Other useful tips are:

  • Do not disclose mention of the patent until it is properly protected. Otherwise, novelty is raised, rendering the invention unpatentable.
  • First of all, patent your product nationally. The law gives you 12 months to decide whether or not to extend it internationally, so you have a year to negotiate (try to sell) your patent.


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