TimClark, employee of Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigner -authors of the “bestselling” generation of business models and the canvas system- and expert on business plans, told us so in a recent interview “Many entrepreneurs fail when designing their marketing plan”. “They don’t take into account that they have to go out and sell and they have to sell through a channel. They don’t think about marketing or sales.”highlighted Clear.

Well, it occurred to us to fill this gap by inventing four companies and with the help of experts (with consultants from public centers BIC Galicia Y Cecarmand independent consultants scream internet, eTechnology Y mobility) four marketing plans to bring them to life, if only on paper.

We have selected companies related to sectors and proposals that we make in this issue: restaurants, professional offices, mobile applications and niches within mature sectors. With these four marketing plans, we aim to help you interpret the necessary information to help you decide which messages, which channels and which strategy to use to get your business idea on the market.

We help you to define what your value proposition is, in which business model it will materialize, how you need to sell your product or service, through which channels you need to do it and we advise you on the main cost actions of marketing. Obviously you have no choice but to create your own marketing plan.

long-term decisions
Why do you need to create a marketing plan? as it shows Robert VietesTechnician of the Galician BIC, “Besides reflecting on your value proposition and determining who exactly your customers are, it helps you define your prices and make decisions about them. Keep in mind that the price not only affects finances, but also greatly affects the image of the product. A high price is often synonymous with quality; and a low price, otherwise. That on the one hand. On the other hand, the development of the marketing plan forces you to make long-term decisions about distribution, which are often irreversible. There are factors like the characteristics of the market and the product or the usual distribution system in your industry that influence you and that you need to know.”.

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