Félix Mezcua and José Alberto Hernandis met 12 years ago at a software development company. The idea of ​​founding Arcadina, specializing in software and web services for professional photographers, came up four years later. “At the time our company was founded, José Alberto was working as a freelance consultant for several companies and I was a computer consultant in a company linked to the medical sector.”

With the support of CEEI Valencia, they spent a year analyzing the feasibility of the project. “Because it was an innovative project, it was more difficult to make forecasts, but we tried to make them as realistic as possible,” Mezcua recalls.

Arcadina’s developments allow photographers to improve their business by opening the way to the Internet, both for their own marketing and for the commercialization of their photographs. “Our business model is based on SaaS solutions, where the photographer pays a monthly or annual fee to use advanced web services. We have more than 500 customers, professional photographers and photo companies. 90% come from Spain and the rest Spanish speakers from Mexico, Venezuela and Uruguay, among others.”


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