Result of the search for convergence between the culture of entrepreneurship and artistic training, Sen Soireé 1960 comes to Spain, a revolutionary and innovative photographic exhibition that will open its doors next Friday, June 29 at 18:00 at the headquarters Spanish the Representation of the European Commission, where it can be visited throughout the summer until September 27th.

The artistic process is very similar to the entrepreneurial path. Artists and entrepreneurs alike create from scratch, face rejection, and need to refine their strategy to achieve their goals. These parallel journeys make Sen Soireé the perfect place for entrepreneurs and artists to learn, share experiences and discover synergies in a relaxed cultural environment. This pioneering initiative is based on blockchain technology, which allows all works to be reliably identified anytime, anywhere.

Sen Soireé 1960 wants to encourage citizens to discover and engage with European cultural heritage. Another goal is to strengthen the sense of belonging to a common space through the works of emerging artists who have moved beyond the classic concept of an art gallery as a pure exhibition space and are looking for a solid alternative in crypto art and traveling exhibitions. to open up to a more diverse and active audience.