It is located in the social headquarters of the Technological Park of Andalusia (Málaga) and was founded in 1989 by the managers of the first 6 parks created in Spain. It is an associate member of the International Association of Science and Technology Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP).

It currently has 65 members spread throughout Spanish geography. 49 of them are Science and Technology Parks Partnersie fully functional. Affiliated members are 13 parks in development process, 1 cooperating member and finally 2 honorary members.

23 of these parks are funded by universities and 46 spanish universities work with everyone. At the end of 2016, these parks were housed 7,788 units which they have accounted for 26,074 million euros. These companies offer employment for more than 161,343 peopleof which 30,269 are devoted to tasks R&D.

Entrepreneurship support

In the 49 operating science and technology parks that are members of APTE, there are more than 1,000 companies in their early years of operation. These parks have infrastructure and services specialized in supporting entrepreneurs, such as pre-incubators, business incubators and coworking spaces, all supported by professionals specialized in supporting types of business projects. Therefore, these science and technology parks represent a wide range of support structures available to all those global entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. meet the Science and technology parks where there is something to do.

Cooperation with companies and institutions

Additionally, APTE has been registered as a Research Results Transfer Office (OTRI) since 2004 because of its work to promote collaboration between companies and entities dedicated to research and development activities located in the parks.

That Vision of APTE aims to become a network of networks for its members, and therefore for all agents of the Spanish innovation system associated with them, which seeks to improve the innovation and competitiveness of the Spanish business fabric through interrelationships between the different members and between the global channels.

your order aims to be the Spanish system of science and technology parks, a reference meeting place for all actors in the Spanish innovation system and a provider of network services for the parks and their surroundings.

To contribute to these goals, APTE develops the following activities, among others:

• Promotion and dissemination of the number and importance of science and technology parks as interface instruments between science and business and their impact on the socio-economic level.
• Support for the creation, development and internationalization of science and technology parks.
• Representation of science and technology parks in national and international forums.
• Promotion of cooperation, technology transfer and internationalization of companies.
• Dissemination of the scientific and technological advances developed around the Parks. Among other things in his quarterly magazine APT TECHNO.
• Development of alliances and cooperation agreements with other players in the innovation system at national and international level for the development of science and technology parks and their facilities.

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