We threw down the gauntlet of this section a few years ago: has anyone ventured into a 100% online driving school? It turns out that Bartolomé Capote, an entrepreneur from Madrid, does. mounted Click on driving schools. “Traditionally, the neighborhood driving school close to home was chosen, but the current rhythm of life is creating new habits and needs, e.g. Or have a tutor online 24/7. You can even have the practice car pick you up from work and take you home after class. Definitive, it is about adapting and personalizing the driving school to the student“. Is it a good time to start in this sector? “Now is a convulsive time for several reasons: first of all, driving schools are suffering from the crisis with a 70% drop in enrollment in some provinces; This shortage of students has led to increasing closures of driving schools and price competition unprecedented in the industry. Our most pessimistic forecast assumes the closure of 9,000 driving schools. That for one. On the other hand, he continues: “In addition, the proposed omnibus law is to see the light of day, which would mean a liberalization of the teaching of the theoretical part without it having to be taught by a driving school. It is a hot spot, since many driving school teachers support this liberalization as detrimental to the quality of education, as an intrusion and as a threat to the world of work,” he concludes.

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