In the interview published by Emprendedores, Charlotte Pi makes it very clear that today more than ever new businesses must have a clear objective to improve the world we live in and logically offer in addition to a competitive quality product/service price. She also makes interesting statements, such as advocating quotas for women in order to generate imitable references for the new generations.

In addition, this is other content that you can also read in this issue:

  • women giving the grade. List of 30 Spanish entrepreneurs who are already a reference in business and will be even more in the near future.
  • Ignasi Benavent, Founder and CEO of Microfusa, tells us the story of a company that caters to those who are passionate about electronic music. They are already billing 15.5 million euros.
  • David Rudor He is the founder and CEO of Goinapp, a savings app for millennials. It is the fifth startup of the 24-year-old entrepreneur.
  • The 5G revolution. The arrival of 5G is a new opportunity to transform your business and make it more competitive.
  • Manage the cyber smile. Creating brands that fall in love is a marketing strategy that works in the world of the internet. We’ll tell you some secrets to make your business much friendlier.
  • Start a women-only business. Six female entrepreneurs who have started companies with offers exclusively for women.
  • with ingenuity. New entrepreneurs and innovative business models.
  • Dossier: Useful guide to sell more. Sell, sell and sell. It’s the mantra that has possessed all businesses. In this handy dossier you will find more than 40 commercial measures to increase billing.
  • occasions. A selection of the insurtechs revolutionizing the insurance sector and 7 startups that are making our lives easier.
  • business plan. Financial calculations and management ideas for building a farm.
  • Franchise. News and trends from an industry that doesn’t lose its pulse.

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