Convenient, leading brands and with a good distribution channel. These are the keys to the success of Baby Cake, a company dedicated to the manufacture of diaper cakes with other basic baby products such as rattles, bottles, pacifiers or cuddly toys. And how did such an original idea come about? From a trip to the United States by Juan Antonio Martínez Amarillo, director of the company, where he was invited to a party held before the birth of a baby and one of the guests brought a similar gift. “Why not do business in Spain?

However, all North American fashions come to our country and little by little they become more and more common.” As Martínez Amarillo points out, it is a product that is a clear example of originality and utility, fundamental aspects to be successful in the sector . Aside from selling its items through concerts with stores, Tarta Bebe bases its success on sales on-line.

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