In public hospitals, mother and child receive practically everything from nightgowns to diapers. Moms only need the clothes they and their babies leave pregnancy with. However, in private clinics only bedding and children’s bedding and compresses for the mother are provided. And that’s it. Therefore, you should bring clothes and hygiene items for the newborn and for her. What if they are missing something? What if someone wants to give you a last minute gift?

Last minute kits
Why not set up a chain of baby supply stores in private hospitals as last minute convenience stores for unsuspecting parents and family and friends who left newborn gifts at the last minute? What would you offer? Last minute kits and gift kits. Which products? From bibs and pacifiers to toiletries (70 degree alcohol, sponges, gels, anti-irritant ointments, oils and cleansing milk…) to clothes, swimsuits and books for the most clueless parents.

controlled crisis
how is the market Baby products are also suffering from the current economic crisis. “As with mass consumption, baby items are also rebalancing family budgets, shifting purchases from textile products to simpler items like groceries,” explains TNS’ Núria Tobía. However, the initial purchase of products is fundamental and would generally not be affected by the consumption restriction.


Sector on standby
According to a recent study by TNS, the average quarterly spending of Spanish households on baby products was 335 euros in 2008 compared to 346 euros in 2007, a 3% decrease in spending. This decline is largely due to fewer visits to stores to purchase baby products, which the report says are down about 4% compared to 2007. The business idea we propose is based on convenience and impulse buying as a recipe for activating consumption.

foreign mothers
Remember that one in four births in Spain in 2010 will be to a foreign mother, according to the trend for the decade 1996-2006, according to a study by the Family Policy Institute.

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