Used watches with guarantee

If we hadn’t seen in the magazine the success of a long list of Ebayerns who only and exclusively sold watches through this marketplace in the first decade of this century, we wouldn’t have been able to put the potential of this business into context. It is a small marketplace for used watches of big brands that guarantees the lowest price on the market in these second-hand shops, which certifies the originality of the watches (it is a sector where there are many fakes, that is, where the niche that this business occupies) and which bills about $10 million a year.

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SnapTravel: Travel discounts in times of conversational commerce

SnapTravel It allows Book hotels at (very) reduced prices via SMS and Facebook Messenger.

Hotels sell vacant rooms to platforms like Hotwire or Priceline because their prices are too low to display publicly (which would damage their image and might irritate those who paid a high price for the same room). Knowing the hotel is in many cases another selling point. As this niche market for last-minute rooms has become a competitive market, brands want to use whatever can give them a competitive advantage: in this case, use their prestige, but without everyone knowing about it. This allows SnapTravel to book the same rates through a private chat without having to guess the name of the hotel as they don’t want the discounted rate to be publicly displayed.

The idea is, among other things, to Heinrich Schi, Engineer at Google from 2014-2015 where he created and launched Music Insights for Artists. Before joining Google, he co-founded another startup, uMentioned, a college matchmaking app that connects universities online.

The key? As they acknowledge, they have been able to understand that conversational commerce is more than just the “talk”. “When we think of conversational commerce, we think of a lot more than a ‘chatbot’ playing ping-pong with text messages. Building on Messenger, we have access to a new and untapped distribution source yet to be discovered. It also means we can target a user without forcing them to download a new app. And it means we can leverage sponsored news, one of the least-used ad units on the platform.

“Also, if a user lands on the booking form but doesn’t complete the transaction, we can send that user straight to their inbox instead of trying to follow up with display ads online. We have seen over 30% increase in conversion rate with effective messenger retargeting techniques.

It takes something for a startup to bring the former CEO and former Expedia CTO to your project. Well, not a little, a lot.

Cosmetic recommendations from YouTubers

What kind of businesses do YouTubers start when they are successful? companies like this. At the magazine, we’re not very kind to subscription companies, with some honorable exceptions, like GrooveBook, which you just read about, like Birchbox – which by this point doesn’t have much credit for supporting it – and how that company beats surprise packages with beauty products and samples. But… what if it does the same thing as Birchbox? Where’s the difference? Nothing, except who makes the choices and the choices themselves. Examining the business, we find comparisons of these types of services. There must be a lot of traffic…

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The new celebrity magazines

A fashion magazine that only features celebrities? A publication, online, in which there are only fashion, beauty and decoration tips from celebrities and celebrities? It’s like a gossip magazine that stops focusing on the personal lives of celebrities and just sticks to what surrounds them and the treatment of a great fashion magazine.

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Men’s shirts for women

The truth is that this fashion brand, which reinterprets traditionally tailored men’s shirts and adapts them to women with customizable accessories, fits perfectly into the new fashion lines for the millennial generation, such as: Outdoor Voiceswhich offers sportswear, and The Reformation, which has found a curious niche with its sustainable vintage clothing. The hallmark of the house, in addition to all the customization options it offers, is the ability to add a short hashtag to the upper back of the shirt that defines you. It’s not for nothing that the American press calls this shop the shirts for them selfie generation.

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hot as hell

Sharlene Ernster She first went through Guess and Victoria’s Secret (as head of design for both companies) before founding Hot as Hell, the most medial of the companies trying to revolutionize the lingerie market. The hole that, as they assure, covers hot as hell is the one for sexy clothing (lingerie and swimsuits) for people who don’t have a perfect body: designs sexy for sizes that do not have the perfect measurements, without the need to hide or touch them up, but to highlight them (and also withstand the constant washing of this type of garment for everyday use).

Ernster tells in interviews that he never wore the underwear of the brands he worked for.

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Michelle Cordeiro Grant has found a time window for the launch in its own on-site production (without subcontractors), in sports design (that’s what it’s called in the athleisure sector, combining sports and leisure) and in exclusive online sales (to cut down on middlemen). lively.

Working half a decade at a company that bills €6,415 million in this €102,459 million market has to teach you something about what customers care about (we mean Victoria’s Secret), about production costs and most importantly about niches that it are not yet covered. Or, well, it’s all about the vulnerabilities of a market controlled by the big four (LBrands, Hanes, Triumph and Calzedonia).

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stop me

Jonathan Shokrian bet on stop me since 2012 with its own patented fabric (Lenzing Modal), made from Austrian beech wood, creating a fiber that favors breathability.

They produce in Turkey under GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard).

The company has a satisfaction with the first purchase policy. The customer has 90 days to return the product (first purchase only) if they don’t like it. No questions.

This company has focused its marketing on podcasts with large audiences: Tim Ferriss, Bill Simmons, and Bill Burr, for example (the impact of a strategy outside the United States remains to be seen), where fame is tied to brand equity.

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In 2014, Rachel Jones He decided to revive the minimalist style of ’90s lingerie (he says he was inspired by the Calvin Klein ad campaigns of that decade) and added an athletic touch (reminiscent of Adidas designs from the ’70s-80s). Minimalist style? Yes: one design, two colors.

They manufacture in the United States in family businesses spread across the Northwest Coast of the United States. The fabrics come from the USA and China. The brand sees transparency as a value in its industry and therefore offers detailed information about all its fabrics and manufacturers. jonesy It is aimed at a younger audience and its prices are below 25 euros, an audience that appreciates the price but well below the age group that appreciates concepts like transparency (from a business point of view).

Jones, 28, grew up in Madrid, works in a tech company by day and had no prior experience in fashion design.

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Miakoda is a line of vegan sportswear (it works exclusively with certified organic materials – cotton and bamboo -) that comes from the sisters’ mind Julia Ahrens Y Laura Ahrens in 2013. They produce in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

To promote their products, they have used various campaigns on Kickstarter. They started with the most basic line of their products: tops and pants (again one design and a few (4) colors).

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White bunny

White bunny replaces traditional cotton with bamboo fibers, resulting in a fabric with antibacterial properties and a more breathable material. However, choosing bamboo is a sustainable choice.

What stands out about this company, founded by Mariana Fernandez Y Christian rivers, two tanning and supply chain consultants at PwC, are participating in his try-before-you-buy program. If more than one product is purchased from the same category, the customer has 30 days to return the product if she doesn’t like it after wearing it and washing it several times… (they call it the Comfort Trial Program and it tries to compensate for the impossibility of trying the product in a store first). If they are not convinced within this period, they will be given a box to put the unused pair in and the money will be refunded. As simple as that.

The brand is produced by a family company in Mexico with 100 years of lingerie experience that pays fair wages and employs women.

The prices of their products are around 15 euros. A percentage of each purchase goes to Mexican NGO projects social factory.

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