Mensos is one of the 67 bicycle logistics companies that have emerged in Spain in recent years under the sign of sustainability and responsible consumption. They also take advantage of the market entry of ecological companies, with whom they usually form alliances, to ensure the sustainability of production throughout the life cycle, from raw material sourcing to logistics.

Alejandro Corroto Monino He is the promoter and exclusive partner of this year-old startup, which has already garnered some recognition, most recently game changer is awarded by the organization UNLTD Spain to business initiatives that help transform reality and social values.

Even if it is still too early to speak of economic achievements, the chances of success are high considering that the Mensos proposal moves between a booming sector with great potential, such as the bicycle sector, and a growing trend of ecological consumption Rate of 12.5% ​​per year in Spain.

What it offers is a dual modality bike courier service that conventional bike for distributing documentation and small packages, and the Cargo electric bike with a capacity to transport up to 100 kilos of weight. The latter, of Danish origin, are bought at a price of €4,000 each, respecting the established limits in terms of engine power of no more than 250 watts. To meet demand, Alejandro already has three employees that he joins frequently.

municipal service

His radius of action is initially limited to Madridhis hometown, where he already works 45 of the 54 districts apart from those outside the belt of the M30 and M40. Its commitment is to make the delivery in less than 24 hours, although it also offers daily delivery and urgent courier service. It is precisely in this last option that he sees the greatest business opportunity, since he is convinced that “for sections of less than 5 kilometers, nothing is faster than bike delivery”.

Where the big ones don’t arrive

This is normal considering that this type of vehicle escapes traffic restrictions, road type and congestion. Inside is one of his value proposition also open the door to a business opportunity in the called niche Logistics of the last mile“, it means to manage the last long-distance delivery route through the districts or the interior of the cities, which also allows the alliance with large courier companies.

The rest of the customers come from offices and small local businesses, of which Mensos already has 80 users, 60 of whom are repeat customers. They also use the vehicle as an alternative source of income promotional support.

So far it has invested more than 20,000 euros, but knows that the strength of a logistics company is its infrastructure, which it aims to strengthen with external funding sources throughout the year.

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