“We noted the growth that took place year after year and the projections of advertising investment in digital themes. Disparate projects with different market strategies are also emerging in the area of Influencer Marketing“, recall Daniel SanchezCo-founder of Influencity.

In March 2014 he founded a landing page, where users could register. “We made a small investment in different social networks to see traction from different users. And from there we saw that in a very short time and with almost no investment, there was a lot of interest in the project.” In September of this year together with Clara Montesinos, Alberto Villar and Francisco Castillo creates impact.” “The value we give to our customers is a very comprehensive analysis of the influencers in social networks. Nowadays it is most common that a brand or an agency hires an instagramer, a youtuber because they have a lot of followers on social networks. Through processes of big datalet’s analyze each of them follower and we recognize how many men and women there are, how old they are, where they live, what their interests are, on what topics… In short, we analyze different data so that a brand or agency can better select them,” explains he.


Influencity’s customers are communication agencies and end customers as well as large companies. “There are more and more specialized agencies in Spain, which is good for us because they are always potential clients. And there are also other more technological solutions at the international level that either focus on identification and analysis influencers or platforms to launch marketing campaigns. Our differentiator is data analysis. We offer marketplaces out of influencers and marks crossing supply and demand of information through the connection to our API. Our vision is to become the business player of data from influencersApart from the fact that our software is present in the entire value chain of a marketing campaign influencers, from identifying them based on their followers to managing the price and payments. And everything automatically.