On January 22nd, the Provincial Council and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, are organizing an international event for entrepreneurs called Bilbao Bizkaia Entrepreneurship Meetup 2015. Conceived jointly by the Department of Economic Promotion and the MIT Global Startup Workshop (MIT GSW) team), specialized in promoting entrepreneurship, the event will bring together more than 200 people in the capital of Bizkaia, including those attending and attending this meeting on the creation of new businesses.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a private university based in the United States dedicated to education and research in various fields of knowledge, from engineering to the humanities, without forgetting the social sciences or business administration. One of its departments annually organizes the MIT Global Startup Workshop, reference game around the world in the field of promoting entrepreneurship and collaborating on other events such as the one that will take place in Bilbao in January 2015. Its founding goal is to build bridges between different sectors involved in business creation to stimulate debate, develop ideas and share best practices in entrepreneurship. In doing so, they contribute to building the so-called stronger and more productive entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world, as well as a dynamic and diverse network of contacts and support for entrepreneurs.

The event will be accompanied by a competition of business ideas, some of which will be on display.

Interested parties can register at and call up all the information http://bbentrepreneurmeetup.com/